How To Register Your Courses For The Semester In KNUST

By | January 12, 2022

KNUST is considered one of the best universities in Ghana and Africa at large. The school has been in existence for over seventy years now.

Are you a fresher or continuous student? Please, stay with me as I take through the various ways you can register for your courses.

The various forms of Registration At KNUST

  • Knust Registration of Courses Using the AIM APP
  • Knust Online Registration of Courses Using the Student Portal

Knust Registration of Courses Using the AIM APP

  1. From the homepage, tap the Registration icon to begin semester enrollment. Alternatively, you can hit the menu button or slide from the left to display the navigation drawer, then tap Enrollment.

Once registration has begun, hit the Start Enrollment button to begin the registration process. NOTE: To apply for courses, you will need to enter your four-digit pin number.

The Mandatory Courses group is the first step. By nature, all courses are chosen. To continue, select Next.

If any options are available, they will be listed in the Elective Set 1, Elective Set 2, and Elective Set 3 categories. By clicking on the course name and then Next, you may choose the number of courses for each alternative set.

Drifted courses will be presented under the Trailed Courses category if they exist. By clicking on the course name and then Next, you may choose the course(s) you want to take.

Review chosen courses on the Assess Selected Courses screen and make any necessary modifications. To save selected courses and complete enrollment, tap Save Registration.

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After your registration has been securely saved, you will be given two choices: Registration Forms can be downloaded or emailed.

Tap Install Registration Slip to save a duplicate of your registration slip to your smartphone. NOTE The slip will be available in PDF format for download.

Tap Email Registration Slip to email a duplicate of your registration slip. In the popup menu, verify or input your email address, then touch OK.

Alternatively (if you have difficulties with the aim app)

Knust Online Registration of Courses Using the Student Portal

Go to to access the student apps site. Log in with your student credentials and search using one of the browsers below (google chrome or Mozilla Firefox).


To the upper left-hand side of the main registration screen, you would see a button labeled “First Step: “, “Register All Trail and Compulsory Courses”. + Beneath this button, you would see your Compulsory semester courses and any Trails, Elective Set 1, Elective Set 2, Elective Set 3 where applicable.

Review ALL the Compulsory courses and/or Elective Courses and ensure it is what you intend to study this semester. After reviewing, Click on the Button, “Register All Trail and Compulsory Courses”. After clicking this button, all your trail and compulsory courses should appear in a list on the right hand side of your screen.

Click on the “Register” Action link by any Elective Course you wish to add to register that elective course individually. Registered electives would also appear in the list to the right hand side of your screen.

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To the upper right hand side of your Screen, you should see, a button that says “Delete All Registered Courses” . Please note, you are only to click this button, “Delete All Registered Courses” only if you have made an error otherwise proceed to STEP 2. Use the Delete link to delete individually registered course Electives


Students who have failed more than the highest acceptable semester credits, then you are supposed to postpone one or more compulsory semester courses to enable you to resit the postponed paper(s). Click on the link “DEFER” once you have decided on the course(s) to postpone.


Please double-check your registration information, specifically the credit hours and courses you plan to offer during the semester. Once you’ve finished your review, click the “Final Step,” “Save and Print Registration Slip” button to finish your registration. Please keep in mind that you will need to enable pop-ups for this site before you can access and print your Registration Slip!! Click here to find out how to do it.


For verification, sign the registration sheet and send a copy to the officer in charge of registration slips at your department.

NB: Your examination officers may have already registered you for some courses; all you need to do now is download the registration sheet.

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