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How To Register Your Courses For The Semester In KNUST

KNUST is considered one of the best universities in Ghana and Africa at large. The school has been in existence for over seventy years now. Are you a fresher or continuous student? Please, stay with me as I take through the various ways you can register for your courses. The various forms of Registration At… Read More »

Tameawu Leaf Spiritual Benefits – Very Powerful

The Tameawu Leaf has been one of the best herbs used to cure many diseases, but the Spiritual Benefits are what many Ghanaians do not know. Today, a lot of Ghanaians are asking whether the Tameawu leaves can be used for any spiritual benefit and we are here to give you more information about that.… Read More »

How To Register For Sportybet Account In Ghana 2022

Sports betting has provided fans with a great opportunity of making money out of their passion for the games other than the viewing experience. With numerous events and numerous options and huge odds, many people have resorted to using Sportybet as their number one sports bookie online that is helping to make money online in… Read More »

Bone Straight Hair Price In Ghana 2022

Bone Straight hair is one of the most admired hair brands that is very popular in Ghana used by many celebrities. Looking at its softness and curly outlook, bone straight hair brings more beauty to your hairstyle — more than the normal hairstyles you have been doing from your hair stylish person. Bone straight hair… Read More »

NABPTEX Grading System In Ghana 2021

The National Board for Professional and Technician Examinations (NABPTEX)  is the body responsible for the grading of technical schools in the country. The key difference between the Secondary School students and Technical students is that Secondary school students are graded with the WASSCE grading system while the Technical students are graded with the NABPTEX grading… Read More »

How To Start ECG Prepaid Vendor Business In Ghana

Do you need a Business Idea? This is the perfect one for you! In this article, we will discuss how to start an ECG Prepaid vendor business. So, let’s see what is ECG prepaid and why it is a good idea for a business idea. An ECG Prepaid Vendor is someone who sells ECG credits.… Read More »

Hisense Showrooms And Shops In Ghana 2021

Hisense Ghana is one of the top electronic brand company that has its offices across the nation. You can visit any shop of the electronic brand to buy Fridge, electric iron, Air Conditioner, Standing Fan, Cooler, Mobile Phone and many more. This article here educates you about the list of Hisense showrooms you can visit… Read More »

Why Most Workers Go ‘Broke’ In January

It is believed that the month of January has 62 days but not the 31 that’s known on the calendar. This is due to the fact that most workers run out of money even before the start of January. The following are some of the reasons why the month of January is seen by most… Read More »

The Cost Of Living In Ghana 2022

Ghana, a developing country located in the west African region is a beautiful place to live considering the magnitude of peace and serenity it incorporates, nonetheless, cost of living is undeniably high and pretty higher than visitors may expect. The average salary in Ghana after taxes is $447,which is only enough to cover living expenses… Read More »