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How To Register Your Courses For The Semester In KNUST

KNUST is considered one of the best universities in Ghana and Africa at large. The school has been in existence for over seventy years now. Are you a fresher or continuous student? Please, stay with me as I take through the various ways you can register for your courses. The various forms of Registration At… Read More »

How To Register For Sportybet Account In Ghana 2022

Sports betting has provided fans with a great opportunity of making money out of their passion for the games other than the viewing experience. With numerous events and numerous options and huge odds, many people have resorted to using Sportybet as their number one sports bookie online that is helping to make money online in… Read More »

How To Access The KNUST Virtual Orientation Platform

For the tens of thousands of students who will join the university in the upcoming academic calendar, the orientation is a time of great anticipation and maybe a little anxiety as they prepare to transfer to their new home and academic position.Typically, your journey into the university system begins with an orientation designed to assist… Read More »

NABPTEX Grading System In Ghana 2021

The National Board for Professional and Technician Examinations (NABPTEX)  is the body responsible for the grading of technical schools in the country. The key difference between the Secondary School students and Technical students is that Secondary school students are graded with the WASSCE grading system while the Technical students are graded with the NABPTEX grading… Read More »

Price Of BMX Bikes In Ghana 2022

BMX Bike is a sports bicycle that is usually used purposely for racing or on rough roads. It is an abbreviation for Bicycle Motocross. Their wheels often come in different shapes and sizes ranging from 16 inches to 26 inches. BMX is considered one of the most expensive bicycles you can get to buy at… Read More »

Best Cream For Chocolate Skin In Ghana

Having a good glowing natural skin without bleaching is a thing majority of Ghanaians crave for. Chocolate or dark skin is a human skin colour that is rich in melanin pigments that caused the dark tone. Having a good skin color makes increases the chances of being attractive. In this article, we bring you the… Read More »

Prekese Tea Price In Ghana

Prekese Tea has become the resort of many people who have began taking it every morning to curb their diseases due to the health advantages embedded in Prekese. The tea is much similar to the normal Prekese just that it has been made in a powdery form and packaged into teabags so that it would… Read More »

Prekese Powder Price In Ghana

Prekese Powder is prepared by grinding or crushing the Prekese into fine grains for consumption. Prekese powder is a natural plant that is used as spices for cooking and preparing meals. The powder is the easiest way to consume the prekese once it is added to the food as a spice because it almost goes… Read More »

Benefits Of Prekese And Ginger For Weight Loss

Prekese and ginger are both natural spices that aid in the healing of wounds and the production of proper body warmth.Prekese (Tetrapleura tetraptera) has a number of advantages, including weight loss and diabetes control in men. Prekese also aids the speedy healing of wounds on our bodies, both internally and externally. Ginger is also another… Read More »