Highest Paying Government Companies In Ghana

By | October 17, 2022
Highest Paying Government Companies In Ghana

A federal system allows for the creation of government agencies by both the federal government and state governments. Legislation or executive authority can both be used to create agencies. Governmental organizations also have varying degrees of autonomy, independence, and responsibility.

According to our analysis, some government organizations pay their employees poorly, but there are also some that compensate their employees well. Getting a job at these organizations, though, can be a little challenging. These businesses are some of the best compensated in the nation. A pensionable job is also quite desirable to many people. Another justification for the high number of applications for government employment. Government agencies’ compensation packages vary by industry.  Below are the names of some of highest paying agencies in Ghana:

  • Ghana National Petroleum Corporation

GNPC is of the highest-paid businesses in Ghana is the Ghana National Petroleum Commission.

  • Bank of Ghana

Bank of Ghana is one of the government organizations in Ghana that pays the highest salaries is the Bank of Ghana. It is Ghana’s supreme bank.

  • National Pensions Regulatory Authority

In Ghana, public and private pension plans are both governed by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA).

  • Ghana Standard Authority

Ghana Standard Authority is to establish and enforce standards to guarantee the highest quality of items produced in Ghana, whether for domestic use or export. providing quality control through metrology, testing, and inspection.

  • Volta River Authority

The Volta River Development Act, Act 46 of the Republic of Ghana, established the Volta River Authority (VRA) with the authority to produce, transfer, and distribute power.

  • Bureau of National Investigations

Ghana’s domestic spy agency is called the Bureau of National Investigations. The National Security Council, which is responsible for Ghana’s internal security and counterintelligence, includes the BNI as a crucial component.

  • Economic and Organised Crime Office

The Economic and Organised Crime Office was created by the Economic and Organised Crime Office Act, 2010, as a specialized agency to monitor and investigate economic and organized crime, as well as to prosecute these offenses with the Attorney General’s approval in order to recover the proceeds of crime and take care of related matters.

  • Ghana Revenue Authority

Their main responsibility is to guarantee that all applicable tax rules are followed to the fullest extent possible in order to support trade facilitation, a controlled and secure movement of commodities over the nation’s borders, and a reliable income stream for the government.

  • Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority

In partnership with a number of private service providers, the Authority supervises and runs Ghana’s seaports and other business units, including vessel handling, stevedoring, transfer, storage, receipt, and delivery of general and containerized cargo. Services for safety, security, and conservation are additional.

  • Ghana Cocoa Board

The entire cocoa business in Ghana is run by COCOBOD, a totally state-owned organization that manages the procurement, marketing, and export of every cocoa bean produced there.

  • Deloitte Ghana

Among the top companies in the world, Deloitte offers consulting, audit and assurance, financial and risk advisory, tax, and other services.

Not all the Government agencies are listed here, you may do further research about the agencies. Most often, new graduates seek for agencies base on their payment records. This article will help to know the payments records of Ghana government agencies.

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