Highest Paid Security Service In Ghana

By | October 17, 2022
Highest Paid Security Service In Ghana

People may think security personnel receives higher payment than other government workers. The security services, it is their responsibility to stop crimes from happening by actively keeping an eye out for suspicious activity, reducing risks as they arise, and informing the appropriate authorities when an incident occurs.

The role of security service in Ghana

examining security risks, evaluating anticipated trends, and setting priorities for initiatives. acting in an advisory capacity. recommending actions for the President or Prime Minister as well as making policy.

Most people wish to be in the security service field because it is believed they are highly respected in the country. As they are ensuring our safety in the country, let’s see what their salary is in this article. Let’s look at some of the security works before we get to know their payment records; Ghana Immigration Service, Ghana Prisons Service, Ghana Police Service, and Ghana National Fire Service.

Highest Paid Security Service In Ghana

  1. Firefighter, Rescuer

Salary:  GH¢1,198 – GH¢2,424

  1. Fire Officer

Salary: GH¢1,18- GH¢2,714

  1. Health and Safety Officer

Salary:  GH¢1,281 – GH¢3,171

  1. Police Inspector

Salary: GH¢1,520 – GH¢2,971

  • Safety specialist

Salary:  GH¢1,662 – GH¢3,874

  • Prison Officer

Salary:  GH¢1,177 – GH¢2,420

  • Police Officer

Salary:  GH¢1,328 – GH¢2,537

Looking at the above-listed security services with their salaries, their salaries are not higher when compare with other government agencies like GNPC, COCOBOD, and many more. Though their salaries are not so huge, the country’s safety sake, they need to work in the security service.

Moreover, many security personnel is just there because of survival. Is not so bad if you receive an amount of 1100 cedis amount, this is far better than you not getting any amount.

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