Ghana Custom Service Salary

By | October 17, 2022
Ghana Custom Service Salary

A paramilitary organization that is a member of the Operational Division of the GRA and the country’s national security framework is the Customs Division. Offices for the Customs Division are strategically positioned at all points of entry and exit, including ports, airports, land borders, parcel posts, and other inland offices.  In this article, I would like to write about the salary of Ghana Custom Service but I would begin with a brief description of The Custom Service and the roles they play in the country.

About Ghana Custom service

The Ghanaian Civil Service Department had oversight over the service when it was first created in 1839. With the support of PNDC Law 144, the service became autonomous under the Flight Lieutenant Rawlings administration in 1986. The PNDC Law 330 took its position in 1993.

What does Ghana Custom do?

The service has the legal obligation to collect import excise, petroleum tax, and import duty tax. It encourages revenue protection by preventing the smuggling of commodities over Ghana’s borders. The agency defends Ghana’s borders by deterring outside threats and advancing the country’s territorial integrity. The company belongs to Ghana’s security forces. The service is in charge of overseeing prohibitions and limitations on import and export

Ghana custom service salary

We have read a little about Ghana Custom Service, let’s get to their Salary aspect now. The salary of Ghana Custom Service is paid based on their rank in the position of the service. There are bottom tiers, senior and professors custom service employees. Let’s see how it goes;

the least pay is GHC2,000 and the highest is GHC5,000 per month for the bottom tier of custom service, the Senior Custom service employees might anticipate monthly salaries of above GHC 5,000. Also, with predicted annual earnings of GHC10,000, professors are the highest-paid.

The Ghana Custom Service receives a higher salary as compared to some Ghana government agencies. They deserve the amount of their salary due to the role they play for the country. I can boldly state that most of the employees are not there for the work but for the salary. Because most of the youth of today check the salary of companies or institutions before they seek employment.

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