Highest Paying Mining Companies In Ghana

By | October 18, 2022
Highest Paying Mining Companies In Ghana

Although the government has a share in some of the corporations and also owns some outright, mining operations in Ghana are primarily managed by foreign nations. In Ghana, there are also some locally owned mining firms, but they are primarily run by foreigners. Let’s see in this article, the highest-paying mining companies in Ghana.

Highest Paying Mining Companies In Ghana 2022

The highest-paying mining companies in Ghana are Newmont Ghana Limited, Golden Star Mining, AngloGold Ashanti, Adamus Resources Limited, Golden Star (Bogoso/Prestea), and Green Gold Mining Limited

Newmont Ghana Limited.

Ghana’s Sefwi Volcanic Belt, which has a northeasterly to southwesterly trend, is where the Ahafo mine owned by Newmont is situated. About 307 kilometers northwest of Accra, the nation’s capital city, is where the mine is located in the Ahafo region. Ahafo’s commercial production commenced that year. The two main mineral zones in Ahafo are Ahafo South and Ahafo North. Ahafo South is currently engaged in mining. Subika, a brand-new underground mine that was finished on time and on a budget in November 2018, began commercial production, increasing Ahafo South’s production of higher-grade, less expensive gold.

Golden Star Mining.

The Wassa mine, located in Ghana’s productive Ashanti Gold Belt, is run by Golden Star, a reputable gold mining firm. Golden Star, which received the PDAC’s 2018 Environmental and Social Responsibility Award, is dedicated to leaving a positive, long-lasting legacy in the communities where it operates.

Adamus Resources Limited

In Ghana, West Africa, Adamus Resources Limited operates as a gold mining firm. In January 2011, Adamus Resources PTY Limited, Australia, the business’s original parent company, poured its first gold as a fully operational mine.

AngloGold Ashanti

AngloGold Ashanti is a multinational mining corporation with a broad, excellent portfolio of operations and prospects in the gold, silver, and copper markets.

Golden Star (Bogoso/Prestea) Limited.

Prestea is located in southwest Ghana, around 40 kilometers from the Wassa Gold Mine. Previously, both the Prestea Open Pits and the Prestea Underground Gold Mine were used to supply produce. Prestea turned became an underground-focused operation in the second half of 2018. By defining and extending the West Reef ore deposit, Prestea Underground has an exploration upside with the aim of boosting the processing plant’s supply of high-grade ore in the near future. Initial testing of the Main Reef and South Gap regions, which might add ore to the mine plan in the medium to long term, is another area of focus for the exploration effort.

Green Gold Mining Ltd

A small-scale mining business in Ghana is called Green Gold Mining Limited. Here in Ghana, we have developed a specialty in the exploration and mining of Gold and Diamonds. As a business, we promise to meet your demand with a good discount. We are looking for customers who would buy from us frequently.

The mining industry in Ghana contributes 5% of the nation’s GDP, and 37% of all exports are made up of minerals. Up to 90% of all mineral exports are reportedly contributed by the gold sector. This has caused the country’s mining industry to concentrate mostly on the gold market.

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