Yamaha Keyboard Price In Ghana

By | March 13, 2022

Keyboards have now formed part and parcel of what entertains us when we need to hear the soothing sound of music to bring healing and comfort to our ears and souls.

As much as music brings healing to us, the kind of instrument we play really matters in offering us the best experience.

Keyboards are musical instruments that are controlled by pressing a row of levers with the fingers.

Yamaha home keyboard range offers outstanding value for money as well as excellent design and reliability. With a wide range of high quality sounds and features for beginners or the more experienced keyboard player, Yamaha keyboards are a perfect choice. 

All Yamaha home keyboards feature at least 61 full-size keys and many models are touch-sensitive keyboard tailored to suit your user experience. If you are looking for Yamaha keyboards to buy, look no further as we present you the prices of keyboards in Ghana and the places you can get them to buy.

Below are some of the prices of Yamaha Keyboards you can find in Ghana

1. Jumia
Yamaha Psr SX-700 Arranger Workstation Keyboard – Black
GH₵ 8 300

Yamaha PSR-E463 61 Keys Digital Piano with Adapter – Black
GH₵ 2,500

Yamaha Psr S-670 Digital Keyboard – Dark Grey
GH₵ 4 700

2. Ghana Buy Sell
Yamaha cs1x. professional keyboard
₵ 1,600

Yamaha 7 Octaves Keyboard
₵ 1,200

Yamaha motif 8 keyboard
₵ 12,000

3. Jiji
YAMAHA Psr-2100 Electronic Digital Professional Keyboard
GH₵ 5,090

Yamaha PSR – E363 Keyboard
GH₵ 1,600

Yamaha Mox8
GH₵ 3,500

Yamaha Psr-450 Keyboard/ Piano 61 Keys
GH₵ 3,000

Yamaha Motif XF8
GH₵ 23,500

YAMAHA Psr-2100 Electronic Digital Professional Keyboard
GH₵ 5,090

Yamaha PSR-E360DW Digital Portable Keyboard – Dark Walnut
GH₵ 1,500

4. Reapp
GHC 6,300

My GH Market
Yamaha PSR-E453 Portable Keyboard

5. Gaayan

YAMAHA PSR S670 Keyboard
₵ 4,200.00

Yamaha Portable Keyboard PSR-E453
₵ 2,200.00

Aside the prices listed above, there are other selected shops in the Central business district of the cities where you can get some of the Yamaha keyboards to buy. You can land juicy deals in those shops depending on your negotiation skills.

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