The Spiritual Benefits of “Tame Awu” leaves (If You Hate Me, You Die)

In Ghana, there has been numerous leaves that are good for both Health and Spiritual benefits and today’s own is solely on Tameawu leaf with its health and spiritual benefits.

The magical herb, call “tame awu” (if you hate me, you die) is one of the powerful herb use to treat different kinds of diseases. It is used to treat diseases like convulsion, skin disease among other. Beside using it to treat diseases, it can be used to get favor, get rid from bad lucks, fight against evil attacks and also solve you monetary system.

How To Use It To Get Money From Your Love Ones

  1. Just get some of the leaves
  2. Write the name of your love you want him or her to give you the money on it.
  3. Put it into a fire and pray over it by mentioning the persons name while it is burning ,use Bible quote Psalm 36 to do the prayers.

How To Use It To Get Away From Evil Attack

  1. Get some of the leaves.
  2. Pray over it every night.
  3. Put it under You Pillow.

How To Use It To Get Favor

  1. Get one Bottle Of Florida Water
  2. Grind some of the leaves into it.
  3. Pray over it every morning and apply it when you finish bathing.
  4. Do the same thing when you finish bathing in evening.

There are over thousands (1,000s) of leaves that are good for Spiritual protection, and the Tameawu leaf is one of them.

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