Shs Courses And Their Job Opportunities In Ghana

By | February 21, 2022
Job Vacancies In Ghana For Graduates.

Wondering which course to read at the senior high? Well, all shs courses have their specific job career so depending on the type of work you want. This article is all about shs courses and their job opportunities in Ghana.

Below are the shs courses and their job opportunities in ghana


The business course is for people who wish to become accountants, financial managers, charter accountants, bankers, Cashiers, Business advisors, Investment managers, Auditors, Teachers, and even a company CEO and other business-related jobs in Ghana. Under the business section, we have another course such as accounting, principles of costings, economics, elective maths, and business management.

General Art

Person reading or who read general art is likely to work with the law firm, tourism board, hotels, banks, shops, and other jobs due to the nature of their course. Under the general art program, one will study economics, french, government, CRS, elective maths, geography, and local languages.

General science

General science consists of physics, chemistry, biology, and elective mathematics. With this course, one can be employed in the hospitals as a nurse, lab technician, doctor, and other related science jobs in Ghana.

Visual Art

A student who studies creative art has a job career opportunity in painting, sculpture, Drawing Printmaking, and film-making. Course they read in shs is G.K.A, Textiles Basketry, Picture Making, Graphic Design, Basketry, Leatherwork, Ceramics, Sculpture.


Technical students have job opportunities in VRA, plumbing, electricals, and many several Opportunities. Courses read are Woodwork, Technical Drawing, Elective Mathematics, Chemistry, Building Construction, Electricals, Technical Drawing, Physics, and Elective Mathematics.

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Home Economics

All graduates of home economics have job opportunities as nutritionists, caterers, and Managers of Restaurants. Others to become nurses, events planners,  professional teachers, and Matrons in Senior High Schools. Courses read are Food and Nutrition/Clothing and Textiles, Management in Living, French, Chemistry, G.K.A.

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