NABPTEX Questions And Answers In 2022

By | October 23, 2022
NABPTEX Questions And Answers In 2022

Most candidates are interested in getting questions in order to pass easily. It is necessary to know the questions coming as well as their answers. In order to get the 2022 NABPTEX questions and answers, read to the end of this information and you will be satisfied. I would be giving you some other information about NABPTEX in this article.


Academic accreditation is handled by Ghana’s National Board for Professional and Technician Examinations. The board has control over private institutions accredited by the National Accreditation Board, professional organizations, and tertiary institutions that are not universities. It is in charge of creating and implementing exam administration plans as well as standards for skill and syllabus competency. It also oversees evaluation and certification processes.


The creation and administration of examination schemes, evaluation, assessment, certification, and standards for skill competency and syllabus competence are all the responsibility of NABPTEX.

NABPTEX 2022 questions and answers

For NABPTEX questions and answers in 2022, is very easy to get, but it is all about private matters. Once examiners repeat questions and try to get the previous years’ questions and answers, they are the lucky questions to come.

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The steps to access NABPTEX result

  • Login May/June Portal.
  • Enter Index Number and Unique Reference Number
  • Enter Serial Number and PIN
  • Input your Email Address
  • Tap Submit button and wait for your result to be displayed
  • This may take several minutes
  • Print it

How to check Your NABPTEX certificate online

  • Select Examination Series
  • Select Examination Region
  • Select Examination Centre
  • Enter Your Index Number
  • Select Examination Year

There is other information about NABPTEX, try to find more if only you wish to do so. There are past questions and answers, find more of that and everything will end successfully for you.

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