Logistics Companies In Takoradi, Full Details

By | November 25, 2021

Are you looking for a logistics company to work with within Takoradi? Then this is the right place to be. In this article, I will be taking you through the list of Logistics companies currently operating in the capital of the oil city. Before that, a little education on Logistics will for to those who have little or no idea about what Logistics companies do.

What Is A Logistics Company?

A logistics company is one that stores and delivers the goods of other companies. They may specialize in the import and export of goods within and outside of the country, or they may focus on local ground transportation. A successful logistics company will need to have some method of freight transportation at its disposal, whether it is shipping, trucking, or executing air transportation.

Logistics companies are highly specialized operations that necessitate more patience, perseverance, and planning than other companies. As a logistics supplier, you’ll be entrusted with organizing your clients’ merchandise’s warehousing, inventory, shipping, and/or security requirements.

Now that we all have a fair idea of what Logistics companies do, lets now our attention on why you clicked on this article by looking at the Logistics company in Takoradi.

Logistics Company In Takoradi

1. BAJ Freight and Logistics

BAJ Freight and Logistic Limited, a 100 per cent Ghanaian-owned firm, was incorporated in 2009. The company was founded with fifteen employees by the three shareholders, Bart Fred Simpson, Ato Quargraine, and Joe Biney, and has since grown to become one of the leading freight forwarding and logistical support organizations in a range of industries, including the oil and gas sector.

2. Conship

Conship is a firm that is entirely owned and controlled by Ghanaians. It has expanded its operations into various areas of the logistics industry throughout time, including airfreight, marine and livestock, logistics, and projects.

The discovery of significant quantities of oil in Ghana’s Western Region (Offshore) opened up enormous prospects for the logistics and supply chain industries. Conship is now known as an offshore and onshore logistics services provider in this regard.

3. Bolloré Transport & Logistics

In 1954, Bolloré Transport & Logistics Ghana was founded. Tema is home to our national headquarters. Bolloré Transport & Logistics Ghana conducts airfreight services at the Kotoka airport in Accra, in addition to the major ports of Takoradi and Tema.

4. Greenline Logistics Company Ltd

Greenline Logistics Limited is a global clearing and forwarding organization that provides reliable solutions to a wide range of sectors around the world, including Ghana. It has invested in excellent logistics and business team members with a passion for excellence since its inception, in order to create and encourage growth that ensures creative expertise and experience in the industry.

5.GBH Logistics Takoradi

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