List of beaches in Central Region Of Ghana

By | March 18, 2022

The Central Region is known for its many prestigious higher education institutions and a thriving economy based on industrial resources and tourism. Many tourist attractions, including castles, forts, and beaches, can be found along the Central region’s coastline.

You will find genuine fulfillment and joy on the beaches of Central Region should you give it a go and try them out.

Keep in mind that many beaches are used by fisherman. There are also powerful rip tides in several places, making swimming perilous on many Ghana beaches. As a result, before swimming the ocean, always check with the local authorities to ascertain the terrain of the place.

Below are the beaches you can find in the Central Region

Anomabo Beach Resort

Anomabo is a little fishing village on Cape Coast that is ideal for a quick retreat. The Anomabo Beach Resort has some of Ghana’s pristine sands and the best seafood dishes, with fish supplied directly from the sea.

Coconut Groove Beach Resort

Elmina is a destination known for its stunning beaches. You enjoy more than just a relaxing day on the beach at the Coconut Groove Beach Resort. This wonderful resort, which includes a golf course, sauna, and spa, offers an amazing view of the sea, with Elmina Castle in the backdrop, while dining under the shade of palm groves.

Brenu Beach to Ampeni Point

Several coastlines between Cape Coast and Elmina have been eroded and are now surrounded by a massive seawall of rocks. The majority of the surviving beaches in the Cape-Coast-Elmina region are stony. As a result, one of the fulfilling beach environment is found between Brenu Beach and Ampeni Point, farther west of Elmina. These locations are located off the main route, and access roads may be in bad shape.

Beautiful, clean, sandy beaches in stunning distant locales will be your prize when you make the effort to overcome the challenges to get there. The beach runs for miles and is free of rubbish and overcrowding. You’re basically alone, savoring the peace. This place will calm your spirit if you want to rest on the beach for a reasonable fee.

Winneba beach

Winneba is enveloped beween Accra and Cape Coast   The university is the main attraction of this coastal town. A beautiful, relatively clean beach is located nearby. Because the waves can be threatening, locals have constructed a natural swimming pool.  There are also a  few eateries on the beach where you can break bread and relax. 
 Winneba is still relatively unknown to tourists. So, if you’re seeking for a peaceful and quiet environment, you can head over there. Be careful that students occasionally throw parties on the beach, usually on weekends, although the beach is large enough that you will find a quiet location to enjoy yourself.

Da Breeze, Cape Coast

On your route to Elmina, look for Da Breeze (the road with the palm trees and the sea view, which is everyone’s favorite). Da Breeze includes beachfront seating, as well as balcony and veranda seating.You can pick a spot here when having a drink while watching the sunset or dance till the sun comes up.

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