High Density Mattress Prices In Ghana

By | October 30, 2021

Sleep occupies an important part of our lives as we spend at least 8 hours in the day in bed every blessed day. The type and comfortability of the mattress we sleep on tell a lot about our posture and how relaxed we feel during the day.

The two mattress giant in Ghana is Ashfoam and Latex Foam and so far, they have taken over the whole market space with their products. Latex foam and Ash foam manufacture all types of mattresses but our emphasis today is on the various prices of the high-density prices you can find.

Latex Foam has stood the test of time and is the oldest in the industry. It is also one of the leading manufacturers of quality Foam products in Ghana and West Africa. Latex Foam Rubber Products Ltd was incorporated on March 8, 1969 to produce quality foam products for the Bedding and Furniture Industry.

The company entered the market using the Dunlop Technology under licence from the Dunlop Company for the production of its products and the rest is history as it has established itself as a market leader.

On the other hand, Ash Foam was established in 1978 by the great industrialist Mr. Robert Habib Hitti. Ashfoam is the only manufacturing, distribution and sale of Polyurethane Foam products in Ghana with an ISO certification (ISO 9001-2015.

Currently, Ashfoam has four factories in the West African Sub Region. Two in Ghana, in Accra and Kumasi, one in Benin, and one in Niger. You will find our yellow and red branded stores all over Ghana, making your next purchase easy and convenient.

Types Of Mattresses And Their Prices

Mattress Type SizePrice (GHC)
MEDIUM SIZE 42″ ×75″683.00
LARGE SIZE 54″× 75″881.00
QUEEN SIZE 72″ ×75″1301.00
KING SIZE 84″ × 74″1507.00
MEDIUM SIZE 42″ ×75″1,035.00
LARGE SIZE 54″× 75″1,335.00
QUEEN SIZE 72″ ×75″1,968.00
KING SIZE 84″ × 74″2,280.00

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