Delta Courier Service In Ghana

Delta Courier Service is one of the worldwide courier delivery companies that brings your goods right to your doorsteps at your own convenience.

If You have a relative outside the country or you are looking to export some goods across the continent, you can fall on the services of the Delta Courier Service.

Delta Courier Service is an international company with its headquarters in Stoke-On-Trent, United Kingdom but they have branches and subsidiaries in many countries. Ghana happens to be one of the countries that have a branch of the company.

In this article, we present to you the necessary details you need to know about Delta Courier Service In Ghana.

Duties Of Freight Forwarders

  • Their major job is to figure out how to deliver merchandise from point of origin to point of destination in the most efficient way possible.This process is influenced by a variety of things. Individual consignments, for example, may occasionally need to be consolidated into a single cargo, a process known as freight consolidation. Other times, merchandise may necessitate special transportation arrangements (e.g. in the case of fragile, perishable or dangerous goods).
  • A freight forwarder can make a number of key decisions based on a thorough understanding of the features of a cargo shipment, such as the type of packing to employ and the most appropriate mode of transportation.
  • They choose the safest, shortest, and least expensive route to the destination, whether by land, train, sea, or air
  • Freight forwarders specify the details of a shipment and convey that information to the carrier(s) of choice, with those they discuss terms and conditions of carriage (i.e., the schedule, cost, and modes of transportation) on behalf of their customer.

Location Of Delta Courier Service Ghana

The Ghana office of the Delta Courier Service can be found at Christman House, Airport Residential Area and you can walk into their office to know more about their services.

They undertake all types of shipping and freight forwarding service to Ghanaians at home and abroad.

Contact Of Delta Courier Service

Telephone: 0302 783610

Mobile: 024 3690081
024 3172659
026 5270270

Email: [email protected]


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