Best Primary Schools In Ghana

By | September 13, 2021

Education they say is the key to development and most parents have strived to gove the very best of education to their kids. One of the non-negotiable things in life is getting a good education for your kids.

The school kids attend has a great way of shaping their outlook on life and how they react to people, that is why it is best to look out for the best school you can afford for your kids.

In this article, we are looking at some of the best primary schools in Ghana and the ranking is not in an ascending or descending order.

1. Galaxy International School

Galaxy International School, located in Cantonments, Accra, is one of Ghana’s most well-known primary schools. The school has two campuses: a preschool and primary school in East Legon, and a high school in Adjiringano.

The school has gone on to receive 60 international awards and laurels due to theor amazing reputation. 

You can reach the school on +233 302 911646 for more information.

2. Kay Billie Klaer

The school has an infant school, a nursery school, a kindergarten, a primary school, and a junior high school. It is located near American in East Legon, Accra.

Their high standards of teaching and learning have established them as a brand to reckon with. Their core values are discipline, determination, integrity and courage.

You can reach the school on +233 242500 751 for more information.

3. Alsyd Academy

Despite changes in Ghana’s educational system, the institution has maintained its 100% pass rate since then.

It has a kindergarten (KG), Lower and Upper Primary Schools, and a Junior High School, all of which are located in Roman Ridge Accra. They have state-of-the-art amenities like science lab, a sports field, and others.

You can reach the school on +233 302783071 for more information.

4. Faith Montessori

In their International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and A level examinations, the students typically achieve a 90% pass rate.

Nursery, primary, and secondary schools with modern science and computer laboratories, a career advice and counseling center, a school clinic, and transportation services

You can reach the school on +233 302331275/6 for more information.

5. Alpha Beta School

A kindergarten, elementary, junior secondary, and senior secondary school are all available. It is located in Dansoman, Accra. French, mathematics, music, leadership, and English are among the subjects offered in primary school.

It is still one of Ghana’s most sought-after schools for enrolment, having won 23 international and local honors.

 You can reach the school on +233 0302 308002 or +233 020 252 2278 for more information.

6. The Hilltop International British School

Cambridge Assessment International Education has accredited this school, and it is also a British Council member. Hilltop International British School, which is located in Daban Kumasi, has become the standard for learning in schools in the Kumasi Metropolis.

French, music, English, and religious studies are among the subjects studied in primary school. Students also have the opportunity to take the prestigious IGCSE and A level examination.

You can reach the school on +233 32 299 9229 for more information.

7. Lincoln Community School

With 60 countries represented in the student population and 13 nations represented in the teaching faculty, their mission is to “Learn, Lead, Connect”.

It is an art-based school that follows the US educational curriculum.

You can reach the school on +233 302 218 100 for more information.

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