Top 10 Outstanding Business Ideas For Teachers In Ghana 2022

By | January 8, 2022

Ghana as a nation in West Africa is known to be a country with so many opportunities that citizens can utilize on — to make money at the comfort of their own. Today, many Ghanaians are known to be rich people without a university degree.

To many people, acquiring a university degree is the only guaranteed way to make money and achieve success in life. That can never be true. University degree as education is one of the keys to success in life. There are many ways to also make money, despite your University degree you are having. If you are here today, and you are a diploma or degree holder using your knowledge acquired from school to work and make money by getting paid, you can also make money from other side hustle businesses without breaking the bank or going for a business loan in Ghana.

I believe a lot of people do go to school, graduate and go for teaching with the aim of making a living for themselves and their dependents as well. Gone are the days many people have the passion and joy for teaching. But today, many are fed up with teaching and do not have the joy for teaching again — after the President of the Republic of Ghana made the declaration that, Teaching is not a profession to do and make money and become a billionaire. Teachers should find other side hustle jobs, or venture into entrepreneurships to make money for themselves. I quote from the President of Ghana, as shown in the video below.

There are any ways you could build a solid financial life and be an independent person, since there are a lot of opportunities in Ghana you can leverage on — to make money. Many people do mention network marketing as one of the lucrative businesses you can do and make money comfortably in Ghana, but we are here to add more businesses you can do as a teacher if you are desperate to make money and become independent.

In this article guide on Latest Ghana, we shall walk you through a complete guide on Top 10 Outstanding Business Ideas For Teachers In Ghana 2022.

Start Information Marketing

How to Start Information Marketing Business is one of the questions many people are asking, since they know and understand how profitable the information marketing business is. In Nigeria, information marketing business is one of the businesses that is making lucrative income for average publishers. You can start Information Marketing business with less than GHS 100 now and be making good profit of over GHS 2,000 weekly or monthly if you get it right.

One would ask, What Is Information Marketing?

Information marketing is about creating, promoting and selling information products. After creating an ebook, video or audio course, or another kind of ecourse, you can resell it again and again. DVDs, workshops and traditionally published books also fall under the information marketing banner.

As a teacher, you can start an information marketing business on ebook publishing, video or audio course can help you make money online in Ghana.

There are many platforms such as Ebay, Amazon, Udemy, Fiverr etc — of which you can sell your information marketing materials on and get paid in dollars.

You only need to search for how to start an information marketing business in Ghana and find any useful ebook or Video course that can walk you through the step by step guide on how to start an information marketing business easily in 2022.

Start Proofreading Business

Starting a proofreading business in Ghana is one of the lucrative business a teacher can leverage on to make money at constant state.

There are many people who are good in grammar, and starting a proofreading business helps you check and correct the grammatical constructions of writings of others. You try to check how accurately your clients convey in writings in terms of punctuation, spelling, typographical errors and more.

This business is good for writing and editing role and make money the comfortable way. Having a University degree can help in your proofreading business in Ghana, but it’s not part of the requirements to start a proofreading business today. There are many people that are independent writers and authors without a University degree in Ghana and across the globe.

Start Blogging

Today, the internet has brought vast opportunities to average people who are keen to make money from online with their smart devices connected to the web. Blogging is one of the lucrative internet businesses you can leverage on — to make money online easily. Anywhere you are, you have the power to blog and make money online successfully.

If you are looking for one of the most profitable and lucrative online businesses in Ghana you can start with less capital and make money as you wished, consider blogging as online business.

There has been many people who are making a living online through blogging and you can also make it if you are dedicated to earn from the internet.

To start a blog, you would need a domain and web hosting to setup your blog as online business. A domain is the address name you can see today, like,,,,,,, and more, while a web hosting is the storage as a server for your blog to be hosted on. All your blog files will be on the web hosting.

Some domain and hosting registrar companies to mention are, Godaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost, Hostinger, Dream Host, Nakrotek, Stomerhost, and many others.

In starting a blog in Ghana, you can start with as little as $2.95 per month for web host, and a domain name for $12 at most domain registrar.

You can start a blog on a topic you are familiar with, as far as you have the potential and what it takes to write. Always go into a topic as a niche you are passionate and can write about, to be able to engage more users and make money from the pageviews of your users.

You can also find a complete guide on how to start a blog in Ghana and make money online from one of the tech blogs we stumbled up here.

Freelance Writing Business

The world of Freelance writing business is one of the great business opportunities that is recommended for people who are established writers and those with the desire to become best authors and writers. Starting Freelance writing business helps you make a lot of money annually in Ghana.

There are more newspapers, magazines and journals that are looking for Freelance writers to work with. If you are able to stumble upon constant or long-term clients with your freelance writing skills, you have the potential to make good income. There are many people making an average of GHS 200,000 annually from their Freelance business opportunities in Ghana.

Some few to mention Freelancing websites to recommend for Ghanaians are; Fiverr, Olance, Freelancer,, upwork,,, etc.

Start Home Tutoring Business

Starting a home tutoring business can also help you to make money lucratively in Ghana. Be it you are a former or current teacher, you can also leverage on the teaching experience you had to make money offline in Ghana as a part-time job.

Over the years, this business has never collapsed — since each and everyday, more children are going to schools and becoming students who are going to write final exams. Parents have the desire that their children will write and pass, so shall they be keen to find home tutors for their wards — to learn from home after school time.

With the home tutoring business in Ghana, a teacher should be able to interact one-on-one with others. Most targeted people as customers in this field are children. Contact their parents and guardians and offer them the opportunity to teach their kids to master all the subjects they study at school and you shall make money and become rich in Ghana.

There are a lot of publications of Parents looking for home tutors for their children, and you can find some of these in newspapers, online magazines and blogs.

Start Resume Writing Business

Starting a resume writing business is yet another best option for teachers to make money in Ghana. How How you charge for writing a resume as a teacher depends on how you have associated yourself to your clients and would love them to patronize you.

The fees will depend largely on the type of resume written, the experience of the certified resume writer, the process the resume writing company uses, the skills and experience of the professional writer. To become a best resume writer and make more money in Ghana, do look for internship opportunities, gain more experience, attend to workshops and get certified. You shall find clients easily to write resumes for — and make money.

Starting a resume writing business requires many of the same steps as any other business, including choosing a business name, Do research to identify competition. Locate resume writing services in your area and online who serve a similar target market. Now, have a good desktop computer or laptop with high speed internet access and a good word processor such as MS Word or WordPerfect to start your resume business in Ghana.

Start Educational Toy Store Business

Many children are able to learn comfortably with diagrams and symbols in life. With this, starting an educational toy store business can help parents find the appropriate toys to help their children learn effectively in Ghana.

Toys and games are best to help stimulate and challenge the player’s creativity and intelligence, since it will involve a bit of critical thinking before operating.

Many people use toys and educational games to decrease stress in life, and some even fight debilitating diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. This proves that starting educational toys store as business can help make money from parents looking to buy toys and educational games for their children in Ghana.

Start Photography Business

Starting a photography business has been one of the lucrative businesses a teacher can start and make money in Ghana — without a College or University degree.

As a teacher in Ghana, all you just need to be saving some small amount of your monthly salary from your teaching job and purchase a camera with good capture moments and quality specifications for nicer photos.

Starting a wedding, party, and other events photography is an excellent venture that is recommend for teachers with an experienced photographing skills that are looking for other ways to maximize their monthly income. Wedding, parties, birthdays, school graduations and many events are many and are ongoing each and everyday in Ghana.

Having a good camera gives you the chance to build a successful photography business and make a lot out of it. You also have the potential to sell all the quality photos taken online.

Start Uber Business As A Teacher

Starting an Uber business as a teacher in Ghana is one of the lucrative ways to make money yourself — without being dependent on your monthly teaching salary.

You can make small savings and make the decision to purchase a small car that will be nicer for Uber business in Ghana, and start your ride hailing business today.

The world of ride hailing business is making a lot of people money with their cars and you too have the potential to make some part of that money with your car.

Gone are the days where Taxi model where you hire a driver and pay that taxi driver on weekly or monthly. Now, the ride hailing business is taking over, and you can order for a car anywhere you are with your mobile phone connected to the internet.

Purchase a nice car and find a driver, open a bank account for the driver and let him work and deposit the money into the account — to check the progressing of the Uber business.

After buying your car and finding a driver for your Uber business in Ghana, do have a vehicle tracker in the car to be monitoring every movement of the car.

Start Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping business has been noted as one of the best online businesses you can start and make any amount of money you wished at your choice.

Provided you have access to the internet, able to browse and check your emails, then you can make money from the world of dropshipping business opportunity in Ghana today.

At Latest Ghana, we have a complete guide on how to start a dropshipping business in Ghana and make money weekly or monthly.

In summary, many people have the desire to make money at their own space, and these are some of the ways to make money and get paid through mobile money or bank account in Ghana at ease.

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