Top 10 Job Search Websites In Ghana 2021

By | July 21, 2021
Top 10 Job Search Websites In Ghana 2021

Finding your dream job to do has never been an easier choice for every personality that has skills and looking for job to do in Ghana.

Gone are the days you have to be following traditional job search format — by checking through graphics and Newspapers just because you’re looking for a job in Ghana.

Today, the rapid advancement of technology manipulated and changed how things are done, of which you can sit from the comfort of your room and choose or search for that dream job that matches your career and apply for — within some couple of minutes via the internet in Ghana.

In our previous article, we wrote for you about how to find your dream job and apply for it online in Ghana easily, and today’s own is all about the top 10 job search portals in Ghana.

All thanks to Online job portals that are operating to help all individuals to find and apply for jobs online in Ghana with the help of the internet.

In our today’s article, we shall take a look at some of the Top 10 Websites To Search For A Job In Ghana you should visit anytime you want to apply for any dream job. In the list of no other, these are the list of job search websites in Ghana 2021.

Jobber Man

One of Ghana’s number one job search portals on the list is Jobberman. So if you’re looking to find a job in Ghana for your skills or career, Jobberman is the recommendation.

Whenever you visit the internet to search for jobs in Ghana, there is no other place to go first than the website — jobberman.

 Visit their website, and search for any desired job that matches your career and apply for it with the necessary requirements.


Just like Jobberman, Tonaton Jobs and any other job posting portal in Ghana — Job Lemon also has variety of categories for all jobs available in Ghana you can apply for.

You can check their official website and navigate through the portal to check for your dream kind of job easily.

Job Advertising Hub

Job Advertising Hub was founded in 2020 to connect job seekers and recruiters in advanced analogous technology. Register an account with Jobadhub, and you will get a job notification based on your expertise.

Ghana Current Job

Another website to search for jobs in Ghana is Ghana Current Jobs. The website was founded in October 2011 to bring job recruiters and job seekers under the same roof.

Job Director Ghana

Are you an unemployed graduate searching for a job in Ghana? Then, take a visit to “Job directa Ghana,” and you will see consistent job listings on the portal. 

It is one of the most popular job search websites in Ghana that has connected several unemployed graduates to their dream job. They also offer professional career tips to prepare you for interviews and any job application advice.

Ghana – Jobs

Ghana Job is one of the popular websites to search for jobs in Ghana with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for job seekers to navigate the categories of jobs they want. 

You are not to pay any amount on signing up on the portal. Registration is free for candidates searching for jobs in Ghana.

Reconnect Africa

Reconnect Africa is one of the best job search websites in Ghana I will recommend. 

Established in 2006, ReConnect Africa has become a sought-after and recognized resource for thousands of African professionals and businesses. 

They aim to connect skilled graduates, employers, businesses, and institutions throughout Africa. Therefore, for more job opportunities, Reconnect Africa is a take on our list.

Job House

Founded in 2010, JobHouse has proven to assist so many fresh graduates and job seekers in finding a career in Ghana through their regular job placement offers. Their main aim is to present good and reliable employment for new graduates and first-time applicants.

Career Jet

CareerJet Ghana is one of Ghana’s latest online job search websites that provides job seekers free access to millions of job openings across thousands of job categories and industries. 

They aggregate, filter, and sort huge amounts of data from hundreds of job boards, company homepages, and other job-related Websites and make them available to you in a fast, clean, and easy to use interface.

Joblist Ghana

Joblist Ghana is part of a nobler organization known as Joblist International, currently providing online job displays to 5 African countries.

They make finding a job on the internet easier for the end-user. Joblist Ghana is aimed at helping users explore the possibilities and careers they desire.

In summary, there might be many other job search websites out there — but these are our list of websites we know and confirmed as job posting web portals in Ghana. Should you find more, kindly share with us — using the comment box below to help others.

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