5 Easy Ways To Withdraw From MTN Mobile Money Without ID Card In Ghana

By | July 21, 2021
5 Easy Ways To Withdraw From MTN Mobile Money Without ID Card In Ghana

Not long ago, MTN Ghana announced to use of identification cards for the withdrawals of cash from our MTN Mobile Money wallets. That means, whenever you want to withdraw money from your MTN Mobile Money wallet, you will have to provide an identification card; Voter’s ID, Ghana Card, NHIS, Driver’s License or Passport booklet — before withdrawal process can go through.

Announcing of the ID Card for MTN MoMo withdraw began in early January, prompting all MTN Ghana subscribers to be aware of the notice from the Mobile Telecommunication Network. MTN Ghana declared that, from 1st February 2021, you may go out to any MoMo agent with your National Valid ID Card for your Cash out transaction.

MTN Ghana waited for the rolling of the ‘No ID, No Cash’ policy in February and rolled it out in 2nd April. The term for the policy goes by, “#No ID Card, #No Cash Out”.

Many Ghanaians have lost their ID Cards, and are always frustrated to withdraw money from their MTN Mobile Money account — since they’ll have to present a valid Identification Card before withdrawal can go through for money to be issued.

This issue alone has made more Ghanaians to migrate to other mobile money services on other mobile networks in Ghana. Vodafone Cash, AirtelTigo Money, Glo Money, GCB G-Money, Zeepay Mobile Money and more.

There can be at times you will be having your ID card safely but forgot to carry it along and will be worried how you can withdraw that money from your Mobile Money urgently — since you left your Valid ID Card at home. Worry no more!

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In today’s article guide, I would like to take you through all the simple steps you need to withdraw money from your MTN Mobile Money wallet without ID Card in Ghana.

Send MoMo Funds To The Merchant

Sending Mobile Money funds to the merchant is the possible method you can use to withdraw money from your account if it happened to be that, you have forgotten your valid ID card at home.

You just have to speak to the MoMo agent to agree on mutual understanding, send the money to the MTN MoMo merchant and add charges to it so that the agent can withdraw the money from his or her account for you.

Send To A Friend With An ID Card

Sending money to your friend with a Valid ID card at the moment is the best option you can follow to get your MoMo cash safely in Ghana.

Your friend with the ID card can withdraw the Money from his or her MTN Mobile Money from the Vendor — which is the best way you can withdraw money from your MoMo account without using ID Card.

Withdraw MTN MoMo From ATM Machine

MTN Ghana and other mobile networks that are operating in Ghana allow you to withdraw money from your mobile money account from the ATM if it supports cardless transactions and the mobile money platform.

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Not all ATMs in Ghana support withdrawing money by using cashless service. If you happen to see any ATM that can support mobile money cashless withdrawal, you can now withdraw your Mobile Money funds at ease. Some few to mention banks that have ATMs for Mobile Money withdrawals are: Ecobank, Absa, Fidelity Bank, UBA Bank, ADB Bank etc.

How To Withdraw Your MTN Mobile Money From ATM Without ID Card

Making cash withdrawal from the ATM is one of the fasted and easiest way to get your Mobile Money funds without stress.

Here is all the process involved in withdrawing money from your MTN Mobile Money wallet in ATM.

  • Dial the ATM Cash out short code, *511#
  • Choose the option 1 — Generate Token
  • Enter a four (4) digit Secrete code
  • Enter An Amount
  • Thanks for choosing MTN cardless. You’ll receive a MTN Mobile Money Prompt soon. Powered by CoreNett
  • Wait, MTN will send you promt to enter your MoMo PIN Code
  • After entering your PIN code, MTN will send you the Token generated for withdrawal
  • Enter the Secrete PIN and Token generated to withdraw MTN Mobile Money from the ATM.
  • Enter the Amount and wait for the ATM to dispense the Money.

Send To Other Mobile Money Networks

You are free to send money to other mobile networks to withdraw from the MoMo merchant — since other mobile networks do not demand ID card before a cash can be withdrawn for you.

Other mobile money services like Vodafone Cash, AirtelTigo Cash, Zeepay Mobile Money, GCB G-Money are all allowed for you to withdraw money without using any ID card in Ghana.

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I believe much have been said here, in educating you on how to withdraw money from your MTN Mobile Money wallet without the use of ID card.

You’re free to share this useful article for friends and loved ones to also benefit from.

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