Prices Of Food Items Shoot Up In Sunyani

By | February 12, 2022
Prices Of Food Items Shoot Up In Sunyani

Food prices have gone up in various markets across the Sunyani Municipality, a Ghana News Agency (GNA) market survey shows.

The price of yam, maize, plantain and vegetables are all up.

One hundred (100) tubers which used to sell at between GHC400.00 and GHC1,400.00 depending on the sizes about two weeks ago, now go for bdtween GHC500.00 and GHC1,500.00. 

Madam Diata Haruna, a yam seller, however, said they were making good sales. 

A bag of pepper is sold at GHC650.00, showing a GHC50 increase over the previous week’s price of GHC600.00. 

The price of a box of tomatoes has also climbed from GHC1,050.00 to GHC1,100,00 with a bag of onions going up to GHC550.00 from GHC450.00, while that of maize has seen a rise of about GHC100.

The market women told the Ghana News Agency that the price increases had not affected their sales. 

Hajia Amina Moro, vegetables seller at the Nana Bosoma Central Market said there was high patronage of her vegetables. 

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