Pens and Plastic Ghana Limited

By | September 12, 2022

There are many manufacturing plastic companies in Ghana that are core container manufacturers and wholesale distributors of plastics, chairs, tables and other plastic products

Plastic products are manufactured from high-density plastics. Common uses for plastic bottles or plastic bottle containers are for storing liquids especially natural mineral water, soft drinks, motor oils, cooking oils, shampoo, ink, medicine, and milk.

Pens and Plastics Ghana Ltd are manufacturers and wholesale company based in Accra, Ghana. They manufacture all kinds of plastics and other rubber materials such as BIC Pen, school bags, shaving sticks, T-shirts and etc.

Pens and Plastics are part of the group called CFAO. They are also automobiles and merchant wholesalers in vehicles.

CFAO pursues its strategy across the entire value chain, building on its established expertise in imports, wholesale and logistics for the automotive, healthcare and consumer goods industries.

Further upstream, the Group’s manufacturing operations promote local production and help regions increase their self-sufficiency, as illustrated by our automotive assembly plants, pharmaceutical production in North Africa and the new multi-purpose factory concept in Côte d’Ivoire.

Downstream, our distribution network is the largest in Africa and is able to bring a tailored, affordable array of products and services to market for a broader range of consumers.

CFAO is also expanding into B2C through its automotive distribution services in South Africa and its shopping centre developments in West Africa. With a revenue of over €6.9 billion, access to 47 of the 54 countries on the continent, and 21,000 employees, CFAO is a key player in mobility, healthcare, consumer goods, infrastructure and energy.

The Group partners with leading international brands and covers the entire value chain – imports, production and distribution – in line with the best international standards, drawing on 170 years of hands-on knowledge and local expertise.

CFAO pursues a twofold strategy, focusing on manufacturing to promote local production, and distribution through its distribution network, Africa’s largest, to offer tailored, affordable products and services to people across the continent.

Pens and Plastic Ghana Limited

Postal Address:

P. O. Box 10348, 6 Otublohum Road, Accra, Ghana

Contact: +233-0302-213460

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