Names Of Angels In The Bible And Their Duties

By | October 14, 2022

What Are All the Names of Angels in the Bible? You have heard about Angels in the Bible for so many years, but with their names and the duties they perform may not be common to you. Despite the fact that the Bible frequently refers to angels, it only does so sometimes by name. In addition, not all angels are identified by name in the Bible.

Without taking much of your time, these are some of the Names Of Angels In The Bible And Their Duties you can check out from.

Names Of Angels In The Bible And Their Duties

The Names Of Angels In The Bible And Their Duties are listed, along with descriptions of each one’s functions below.

The Archangel Michael

Michael is one of the Angels In The Bible who holds a higher position than the rest. He is referred to as the kingly prince in the Bible. As an archangel, he performs numerous essential duties. Michael’s responsibilities include leading a sizable army of angels in a triumphant conflict with Satan and watching over them during the post-apocalyptic period. Jesus also tries to fight off the devil’s attacks on humans and battle against God.

The Angel Gabriel

God is my strength, as the name Gabriel denotes. One of the few named angels whose role appears to be one of promise and kindness, he is one of the few angels whose name is recorded in the Scriptures. Bringing the good news of Jesus’ arrival was his most important responsibility. His status as a guardian angel is also mentioned in the Bible.

 Archangel Jophiel 

Known as the angel of beauty and intelligence, Jophiel is one of the biblical angels listed by name. Despite the fact that angels are genderless, Jophiel possesses a feminine disposition. She works as an advocate for artists and creative expression. Jophiel inspires people with new ideas and teaches them how to access the Power of Light inside themselves.

Archangel Jegudiel

The angel of labour is named Jegudiel. He is responsible for advising persons in positions of authority. He serves as their protector and advisor, encouraging them to do everything possible to honor God. Jegudiel is Angels In The Bible regarded by Catholics as the carrier of God’s forgiving kindness. As a representation of his recompense for successful spiritual laborers, Christians often show Jegudiel clutching a crown.

The Angel Haniel

Being one of the seven archangels, Haniel is included in this list of biblical names of Angels In The Bible and their duties. Her name is translated as “God’s Joy” or “God’s Grace.” She serves as a direct link between the lower energy states of the human body and the higher energy states of the celestial realms and also serves as a conduit for divine communication.

Archangel Barachiel

An angel named Barachiel is the protector of marriage and family. He is the angel tasked by God with keeping an eye on new believers or God’s adopted children and assisting them in their daily life. Barachiel is one of the princes of the angels according to the book of Enoch. He is surrounded by a large number of angels who minister. He is shown by the Roman Catholic holding a bread basket, which stands for the blessings of children that are given to parents by God.

The Angel Ramiel

As the archangel of hope, Ramiel stands out in the list of the names of God’s angels and their functions. He is primarily responsible for divine visions and leading the souls of the pious into heaven. Additionally, the Christian faith recognizes him as God’s kindness and unending compassion. The name Ramiel signifies God’s thunder when transcribed into English.

The Angel Ariel

Ariel means altar or the lion of God in Hebrew. The naturalist angel is named Ariel. She is a female angel that is in charge of overseeing the healing and defense of animals and plants. She also strives to maintain the fire, wind, and water aspects of the earth. Since she is a representative of God, she punishes anybody who causes harm to God’s creations.

The Angel Jeremiel

The name Jeremiel, which signifies God’s mercy, is one of the names given to male angels in the Bible. His job is to use his prophetic visions and clairvoyance to assist people. As an angel of emotions, Jeremiel encourages individuals to examine their lives more closely. His responsibilities in the post-Christian world expanded to include guarding the entrance to heaven and assisting the righteous dead as they traveled through the afterlife

The Archangel Zadkiel

The angel of liberation, kindness, and goodness is Zadkiel. He serves as all those who forgive’s patron angel. One of the most critical parts he performed in the Bible was preventing Abraham from offering Isaac as a sacrifice. His influence on people encourages forgiveness, which enables them to achieve spiritual liberation. Zadkiel is another term for God’s grace.

Archangel Camael

Archangel Camael represents power, bravery, and battle. According to Christians, Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden by a group of soldiers that Camael was in charge of. He is known as the angel of destruction for this reason as well. Camael, who had the privilege of being in God’s presence, was given the moniker “he who sees God.”

The Angel Phanuel

He is identified as the fourth angel who appears before God in The Book of Enoch, following the angels Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel. Phanuel’s name means “the face of God.” He is responsible for carrying God’s throne, delivering the truth, and acting as the angel of judgment, among other things. He is an archangel of forgiveness as well.

The Angel Azrael

The angel of death is represented by Azrael. After death, he is in charge of moving the deceased’s soul and assisting it in separating from the body so it can move on to the next stage of life. Azrael does not actually cause death despite being the angel of death. Instead, he provides solace to individuals who are mourning the loss of a loved one.

Archangel Raphel

In the list of heavenly angels’ names and functions, Raphael is a prominent archangel. He is seated before the Lord’s throne. Among his responsibilities are presenting the saints’ prayers and entering the presence of God’s grandeur. He must also restore the earth that the fallen angels tarnished. Raphael means “God Heals” in Greek.

Archangel Uriel

One who embodies wisdom is Uriel. He is an angel in the bible that keeps watching over fear and thunder. Uriel is regarded as the archangel of salvation in contemporary Christianity, as well as an angel of divine presence and repentance. The papyrus scroll or book that Christians portray him carrying is a symbol of wisdom. He saves St. John the Baptist from Herod’s killing of the innocents in apocryphal tales from the early Christian era. God is my Light is the meaning of the name Uriah.

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