How To Write Manifesto For Health Prefect

By | May 9, 2023
How To Write A Manifesto For General Secretary

In this useful article, we shall brief you about the step by step guide on How To Write Manifesto For Health Prefect for 2023.

A manifesto is what is written by an aspirant to be read to its voters. These written documents contain promises and plans intended to be implemented when the leader is voted into power an example is the health prefect of any school. To be able to win any election you need a good manifesto and in so doing we have a guide to help you write a manifesto especially if it’s for the health prefect position.

How To Write Manifesto For Health Prefect

Below are some steps to consider when writing a manifesto for the health prefect of any school;

  • You need to keep it short and simple
  • You need to use simple language that will be understood by the voters in order to win more votes.
  • You need to outline your objectives and goals when voted into power
  • You need to share your experience
  • Be brief but creative

Manifesto For Health Prefect

Mr. Chairman, the Principal, my hardworking staff, the SRC Electoral Commissioner and Members, outgoing Executive, Colleagues Aspirants, fellow Students Ladies, and Gentlemen.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am latestghana a Second-year Student of this noble institution and applying for a health prefect. I believe I have the drive and leadership experience to take the School in the right direction and involve as many students as possible as far as the programs and events of this school. This is demonstrated by my previous experience as the organizer of the young girls Association at Jeikrodua in the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Mr. Chairman, I possess key qualities of organization, communication, and passion that are required in program coordinating.

Mr. Chairman, the organizational aspect of health prefect will be something I will succeed at because I am accustomed to being on time, organizing of program, and also meeting deadlines. Additionally Mr. Chairman, personally I am focused on my future career and believe that with the right leadership I can effectively coordinate any program such as those of this school.

Mr. Chairman, I would like to acknowledge the outgoing Executive for their good work in bringing this school to this far.
As an aspiring member of this position as a health prefect am determined to contribute my time and energy to create positive change that students and Authorities want to see in the health program in this prestigious school of ours.

Fellow students you may agree with me that when you give me your blessings and elected as the health prefect will give opportunity to coordinate all health activities on campus regarding programs and events that have been institutionalized on our school calendar.

Consequently fellow students, with consultation of my other colleagues executives and school authorities I will embark on educational drive to bring a long colleagues student and lectures to appreciate the importance and values this has on not only the students body but the institution as a whole. This educational initiative may take the form of seminars, printing of flyers and magazines. At times it may also be in the form of educational trips where interesting places would be visited and most at time it will be in the form of entertainment where students will be given the opportunity to exhibit their talents. It is important to note that ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKE A JACK A DULL BOY.

Again, when voted as the health leader will see the end of insufficient medicines in clinic of the school. This is so because with the support of my other colleagues S.R.C Executives and the School Authorities and of course, with me playing the leading role we would solicit sponsorship from some product-producing companies in and around the school. We may intend giving opportunities to these companies to advertise their products during the events or program.


This is a well prepared article of health prefect for you, as a health prefect aspirant in any school in Ghana or anywhere in the world.

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