How To Start ECG Prepaid Vendor Business In Ghana

By | December 31, 2021
How To Start ECG Prepaid Vendor Business In Ghana

Do you need a Business Idea? This is the perfect one for you! In this article, we will discuss how to start an ECG Prepaid vendor business. So, let’s see what is ECG prepaid and why it is a good idea for a business idea.

An ECG Prepaid Vendor is someone who sells ECG credits. They are mostly seen in our communities and areas to help reduce our walk to the electricity company to buy light. This is one of the fast-growing businesses in Ghana so far that is helping the country reduce unemployment rates in Ghana.

About ECG Ghana

The principal government-supported public power supply in the country started in the year 1914 at Sekondi. It was worked by the Railway Administration which stretched out supply to Takoradi in 1928. In the interim, the Public Works Department had started a restricted Direct Current (DC) supply in Accra in the year 1922 and was promptly trailed by a huge Alternating Current (AC) project which was initiated on first November 1924.

A little plant comprising of three-level single chamber oil-fueled motors was introduced in Koforidua in 1925 and initiated by the Honorable William Ormsby-Gore on first April 1926. Likewise, in 1926, work started on the assignment to give electric lighting and capacity to Kumasi. A confined evening supply started in May 1927, and the Power Station was welcomed into full procedure on first October 1927.

Around the same time, DC supply was introduced at Winneba however this was along these lines changed to AC by expanding a current stockpile from Swedru. During the period 1929-30, a restricted power supply was stretched out to Tamale until another AC plant was introduced in 1938. The following Power Station to be set up was in Cape Coast, which appeared in 1932.

Ensuing to its takeover by the Electricity Department from the Public Works and Railways on first April 1947, a Power Station at Swedru was dispatched in 1948. This was trailed by the establishment of creating plants at Oda, Dunkwa, and Bolgatanga in 1948. On 27th May 1949, the power supply was made accessible at Nsawam through the structure of an 11000-volt overhead transmission line from Accra.

The Keta supply which was remembered for the modified was deferred by difficulties of human assets and was not authorized until 1955. The Tema Power Station was charged in 1956, with a 3×650 kW creating the set. The Ho Power Station continued in 1957. Somewhere in the range of 1961 and 1964, the Tema Station has reached out a most extreme limit of 35,298 kW, hence, making it likely the greatest single diesel-fueled producing station in Africa.

It is additionally on record that in 1963, the Electricity Division brought into task the initial 161,000 volts transmission framework in Ghana, which was utilized to communicate power from the Tema Power Station. At its top in 1965, around 75 percent of the power was utilized in Accra. Test transmission of force from the Volta Dam at Akosombo began on first September 1965.

It was during this period that the Electricity Division started getting supplies from the Volta River Authority’s 161,000-volt transmission framework. As of now, the Company buys a greater part of its power prerequisites from the Volta River Authority (VRA), as a significant provider, and other free Power Producers (IPPs) like Sunon Asogli Thermal Power and AMERI, Karpower, and SENIT Power, for circulation to its clients.

How To Start ECG Prepaid Vendor Business In Ghana

You don’t need to be a graduate or a degree holder to become ECG Prepaid Vendor.

  • All you need is to get a location where you will sell.
  • You need a maximum capital of GHS 15,000 to start.
  • You need a business registration
  • You need a valid national card such as a voter’s ID, Ghana card and passport.
  • Go to any of their offices then register your business.

Ghana is a country situated on the coast of West Africa. The country’s inhabitants are a diverse mix of many ethnicities and languages.

Ghana’s economic growth has been one of the most impressive in Africa. It is largely driven by growth in its services sector, namely tourism, and telecommunications. Ghana has several natural resources such as gold, diamonds, and oil as well as agricultural potentials such as cocoa and timber.

ECG Contact

Electro-Volta House
P. O. Box 521 Accra,
Ghana Call Centre:

Tel: +233 302 611 611 / +233 (302) 676727-47

Email[email protected]

How Much Money Do Prepaid Vendors Make In Ghana?

Electricity Company of Ghana prepaid vendors earns a commission of 1.99% by the power distribution company of sales made. Let’s say you make a sale of GHS 1000 as a prepaid vendor, you shall earn a commission of GHS 10.90 from Electricity Company of Ghana.

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