How To Replace Your Lost Ghana Card

By | February 14, 2022
You Can Now use Ghana Card As e-passport In 44,000 Airports Globally

I know most people have lost their National Identification Authority Cards (Ghana Card) and are finding the various means to replace them.

The Ghana Card registration which started in 2019 is still on-going due to importance usage of the card currently in Ghana. Soon, the Ghana Card shall become the national ID of which most Ghanaians will be using for any activity in the country.

Many have joined long queues just to register for their Ghana Card at the registration centres across Ghana but some could not register due to the mass number of people and NIA has to schedule registration to some days. Most people that got registered did not receive their Ghana Cards that same day, but another day due to the mass registration exercise on-going.

Today, this article here shall walk you through the step by step you should follow about How To Replace Your Lost Ghana Card easily in 2022.

What Is Ghana Card?

The ECOWAS Card is what we termed as Ghana Card that serves as an identity card that will be used to replace all other national ID cards like; Voter’s ID, NHIS Card, Ghana Passport, and TIN Number.

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Today, you cannot perform any transaction without the Ghana Card at hand.

What Is The Main Reason For The Use Of Ghana Card?

Many Ghanaians are asking what is the main reason of the Ghana Card and we are yet to provide you with some of the reasons why you would need the Ghana Card.

The motive behind the Ghana Card by the government of Ghana is to have all the information of people that are living in the country, for security purpose and be able to grant citizens the opportunity to make use of the card across Africa.

Now, you would have to provide your Ghana Card before a bank account will be opened for you. Despite that, the Ghana Card shall become a valid ID card the bes used for many activities and most aspect like when applying for a travelling passport, telephone number registration, driver’s license, bank account registration and many others — effective July 2022.

How To Replace Your Lost Or Missing Ghana Card

These are the basic steps you should follow as a Ghanaian to be able to replace your lost or missing Ghana Card successfully.

Report to the Ghana Police Service

Anytime you lost your important document or ID card, the first thing to do is to report to the Ghana Police Service. Visit any Police station near you and make a report about your missing Ghana Card to be given an extract.

Pay For Police Extract Fee

The police will help you write a report called extract, which is important. The Police report is not for free and you would have to pay some small amount of fee.

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Send The Report To Any NIA Office

Go with the police report to any of the following National Identification Authority (NIA) Offices; the district office where you did your Ghana card registration or the NIA head office in Accra.

When sending the report to the NIA office nearby, you don’t need to present an affidavit or birth certificate before your Ghana Card can be replaced for you.

Start To Book For Your Online Appointment

Go on and book an online appointment on the NIA official website for person who wants to visit the head office for their card replacement. When it comes to the head office, you have to book this appointment with NIA because that is how it works there.

You may decide not to book for online appointment provided you have NIA centre in your district.

Pay For Ghana Card Replacement Issuance Fee

After making your booking online for appointment or visiting any nearby NIA centre in your district, you should prepare to pay for the Ghana card replacement fee of GHS 30.00 to be used for the reprinting of a new ECOWAS Card (Ghana Card) for you.

What To Do If You Have Note Received Your Ghana Card

Many people registered for their Ghana Card and are still waiting to receive their cards.

However, those who are yet to receive their Ghana card can visit their district centre to check if their card is available before visiting the head office. When visiting the office, do take along your application form to the nearest Ghana Card station.

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