Graphic Design Jobs in Accra

By | February 14, 2022
Graphic Design Jobs in Accra

If you’re looking to work in the design field, you probably want to know where the jobs are. You might think that graphic design jobs can be found only at big advertising agencies, or that they only go to talent with years of experience.

But while it’s true that a select few large businesses employ designers in-house, there are many other ways to get your foot in the door and earn money doing what you love most. Graphic design is a professional and academic study that involves projecting visual communications to communicate specific messages to certain social groups with specific goals. There are a lot of graphic design jobs in Accra. However, we will be talking about some of the graphic design jobs available in Accra in this article.

What Is The Worker of A Graphic Designer?

Graphic Designer focuses on visual message interpretation, organizing, and presentation. However, their design work can be based on a customer’s request, which is expressed verbally, either orally or in writing, in the sense that a graphic designer converts a linguistic message into a graphic manifestation.

Furthermore, for commercials, brochures, publications, and corporate reports, they create the overall layout and production design. These materials can be made by hand or with the use of technology, such as computer software applications.

Graphic Design Jobs In Accra

Graphic Design Jobs With the rapid increase of technology and its use in every aspect of our lives, everyone from home users to major corporations are looking for ways to utilize design in order to attract their audience.

The need for graphic designers is growing with this demand, and there are more opportunities than ever for the right person. Here we take a look at some job descriptions that you might find as a designer. Below are some of the graphic design jobs in Accra.

  1. Graphic Designer at Niel Marketing
  2. Designer at YodaGraphics
  3. Photo Editor at Smartcliche
  4. Graphic Designer at Adana Multimedia
  5. Product Design Intern at MyHairDo
  6. Graphic Designer at DercolBags
  7. Staff Product Designer at Global Participation
  8. Graphic Designer at NORINUT
  9. Graphic Design & Video Content Developer at SFAN- Stars From All Nation
  10. Professional Photographer at Jay Kay Group
  11. Volunteer Web/Graphic Designer at GLOBAL INNOVATIVE VOCATIONAL EDUCATION(GIVE) formerly IVEG
  12. Crypto Video Editor at GAINS Associates
  13. Printing Manager at StarTech Multimedia
  14. Senior Product Designer at Farmerline
  15. Web Developer at BothOfUs
  16. Graphic and UI/UX Designer at Keld Homes
  17. Communications Manager (Content Creation, Social Media, PR) at Scentopia
  18. Communication Specialist at Orbis International
  19. Instructor at IPMC TRAINING
  20. Web Developer (remote) at Charles Technology Africa Ltd

Qualifications of a Graphic Designer

  • Stronggraphic design skills
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch are all useful skills to have.
  • Strong Analytical skills
  • HTML and CSS knowledge is desirable
  • Communication, intellectual thinking, typography, and design abilities are all important.
  • Layouts, graphic basics, typography, print, and web knowledge

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