How To Merge Your SSNIT To NIA Number In Ghana

By | October 28, 2022
How To Merge Your SSNIT To NIA Number In Ghana

Do you know the actual process to merge your SSNIT to your NIA number? Some people paid money for the merging of their SSNIT to NIA number just because they did not get any info about the process. This article is to assist you to merge yours now.

Meaning and role of SSNIT

SSNIT is the abbreviation of The Social Security and National Insurance Trust. A department of the Ghanaian government is the Social Security and National Insurance Trust. Its website states that managing the National Pension Scheme is part of its “job description.” As a result, the trust owns a sizable portion of the largest corporations in Ghana, contributing significantly to the country’s economy.

Meaning of NIA

All Ghanaians must receive a national identity document from the National Identification Authority, an organization under the control of the Ghanaian government. For both Ghanaians and foreigners, the authority has the authority to take such action. Ken Attafuah is the head of the Authority, which has its headquarters in Accra.

Why merging the SSNIT to NIA number?

Simply put, the merger of SSNIT and NIA numbers links Members’ SSNIT numbers to their NIA numbers. On the Ghana Card, the Personal ID Number is the NIA number. Your NIA number will change to your SSNIT number as a result of the merger.

How to merge your SSNIT to NIA number in Ghana

The process to merge your SSNIT to NIA number is very simple, just follow the procedure after you are done with the following steps;

  1. The Process of Merger Members should dial *711*9# and follow the on-screen instructions to merge their SSNIT and NIA numbers.
  2. Members may also go to the SSNIT website at and adhere to the instructions there to merge their numbers.

Members will be able to use their Ghana Cards to conduct business with the Trust after the SSNIT and NIA numbers have been merged. To enroll in the SSNIT Scheme, new participants must present their Ghana Cards as proof of identity.

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