Highest Paying Banks In Ghana

By | October 23, 2022
Highest Paying Banks In Ghana

Banks in Ghana comprise government and private banks. Do you actually know how bank workers are paid in Ghana? Whenever we see bank workers dressed in suits, what we normally say is, they are wealthy and life is going well for them. But do they actually get high payments?

Let’s see in this article the highest-paying banks in Ghana. After reading this article, you will make your plans well for your career, because most individuals see bank workers be so rich, therefore, everyone wants to be a bank worker.

Highest Paying Banks In Ghana

Looking at the highest-paying Banks in Ghana, I would like to talk about ten Banks with their monthly earnings as well.  GCB Bank Limited, Ecobank, Barclays Bank of Ghana, United Bank for Africa, Zenith Bank, Cal Bank, National Investment Bank, Agricultural Development Bank, Access Bank, Stanbic Bank

GCB Bank Limited

The largest bank in Ghana in terms of overall operational assets and industry deposit share is GCB Bank Limited, also known as Ghana Commercial Bank, which accounts for 14.2% of all industry deposits. It is one of Ghana’s banks with the highest pay rates. Fresh graduates receive salaries that are not significantly different from those of other banks. Between GHC 2,100 and GHC 2,800 is what recent grads make.


A member of Ecobank, a renowned independent pan-African bank with its headquarters in Lomé, Togo, and affiliates throughout West, Central, and East Africa, is Ecobank Ghana. Based on its corporate banking services and incredible goods for even the tiniest Ghanaian businessperson, Ecobank has successfully established itself as a global brand. New graduates can expect to make between GHC 1,700 and GHC 2,800 per month.

Barclays Bank of Ghana

Since 2009, Barclays has operated in Ghana. The bank controls a sizable portion of Ghana’s banking sector as a fully-owned subsidiary of Barclays Ltd. UK. The bank is one of the most practical banks in Africa thanks to its vast network of over 59 branches spread throughout the country’s major cities. New grads can expect to make between GHC 1,700 and GHC 2,600.

United Bank for Africa

In January 2005, United Bank for Africa led the way for a fresh wave of multinational banks to enter the nation. In fact, it is one of Ghana’s banks with the fastest growth. You might earn around GHC 1900 per month as an entry-level employee.

Zenith Bank

This business bank has operated in Ghana since 2005. Additionally, Zenith is crucial to the transition of the banking sector into one that is fiercely competitive, focused on the needs of the customer, more effective, and technologically advanced. You can benefit from earning more than GHC 1,800 per month if you land an entry-level position here.

Cal Bank

Since 1990, this commercial bank has been functioning in Ghana. Additionally, they have a vast network of locations throughout Ghana. The monthly salary for entry-level employees ranges from GHC 1,500 to GHC 2,300.

Agricultural Development Bank

One of Ghana’s state-owned banks, this one has been successful in out-competing the country’s private financial organizations. The Ghanaian government owns a portion of this commercial and development bank. You can earn between GHC 1,500 and GHC 2,000 per month as entry-level staff.

National Investment Bank

A commercial bank owned by the government of Ghana is called National Investment Bank. The Bank of Ghana, the country’s banking regulator, has granted a license to it as one of the commercial banks. An entry-level employee at the National Investment Bank makes between GHC 1,500 and GHC 2,000 a month.

Access Bank

One of the top financial institutions in Ghana is Access Bank. The bank is also present in roughly eight more African nations. New hires make between GHC1,800 and more.

Stanbic Bank

One of Ghana’s banks with the fastest expansion is Stanbic Bank. The bank has been around for more than ten years. Stanbic is one of the trusted business banks in Ghana and provides good customer support.

I trust after reading the article, you are well satisfied with the information given. Graduates who want to be at the various Banks in Ghana but do not know much about them are very fortunate to get this article. There are other Banks that were not mentioned here but they also have good payment records, try to find out more if you need to get more info about Ghana Banks.

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