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By | September 9, 2022
Ghana Police Service

This Ghana police service recruitment 2022 is mainly done for all the indigenous people of Ghana who wish to apply for police recruitment 2020-2022, the candidates who follow our instructions will be successfully selected. If you are Ghanaian, you are eligible to apply to the Ghana Police Service for the online application form provided you have everything you need to start the applications which are major requirements and other minor requirements qualifications to help you seize this opportunity.

Ghanaians are known as patriots, but men and women in uniform who take part in life for others have absolute patriotism. You are known. They ensure that law and order as well as internal security and against outside attacks are maintained under a unified and indisputable command. This is mainly the Ghana Police Department

Requirements and general eligibility for the 2022 recruitment signed and issued by the Director General of Human Resource Department, DCOP.

According to the police, all applicants must be Ghanaians not less 18 years and not more than 25 years of age by the date of recruitment, must be at least 5 feet 8 inches [173cm] tall for males and 5 feet 4 inches [163] for females, must be physically fit and must be of good character, without any criminal record. Visit

Ghana Police Service General Eligibility for 2023/2024 Recruitment

General Requirements.

  •     Applicants must be Ghanaian by birth,
  •     Between the ages of 18 and 25 for General pool
  •     Height [173cm or 5.8ft for male and 165cm or 5.4ft for female]

    Educational qualification as may be prescribed by the Appointment and Promotion Advisory Board of the Ghana Police Service

  •     Applicant must have clean records from Criminalities
  •     Must be medically fit by Police standard

Ghana Police Service Recruitment Portal

You can visit and Ghana Police Recruitment Portal for online application using a computer or mobile via the following link:

  •     Ghana Police Service E-Recruitment Portal –
  •     Ghana Police Entry Requirements –
  •     Ghana Police Service Online Application –

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