Ghana Immigration Service Training

By | September 14, 2022
Ghana Immigration Service Training

In 1998, the Immigration Service Academy and Training School (ISATS) was established by the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) to provide professional training and produce knowledgeable Officers to carry out its mandate of ensuring effective administration and management of migration in the country and contribute to national security.

This was after years of reliance on Sister Security Agencies – Ghana Armed Forces, Ghana Police Service, Prisons Service and Fire Service – to trained Officers for the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS).

ISATS establishment was during the tenure of the former Director of Immigration, the late Commissioner of Police (COP) W.K. Aboah who acquired two road camps from the Assin Traditional Authorities.

It was subsequently commissioned on 21st December, 2001 by the late Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, Alhaji Aliu Mahama who also reviewed the Graduation Parade of the fifth batch of Officer Cadets trained by the Immigration Service Academy.

The ISATS is made up of Two (2) Schools: the Immigration Service Academy (ISA) and the Immigration Service Training School (ISTS). The ISA trains Senior Officers for the GIS and has turned out Nine (9) Cadet Intakes and Four (4) Courses whereas the ISTS which trains Junior Officers for the GIS has turned out Twenty-Two Recruit Intakes. The ISTS also undertakes several Refresher Courses and Promotional Examinations for serving Junior Officers of the Ghana Immigration Service that are due for promotion.

Both schools have successfully trained personnel of Ghana’s Narcotics Control Board as well as Cadets and Recruits of Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (BIN) of the Republic of Liberia. This has projected the GIS and for that matter the ISATS to International Standard and recognition.

The Immigration Service Academy and the Immigration Service Training School are under the command of the Commandant and the Commanding Officer respectively. The Commandant also has a supervisory role over the Immigration Service Training School (ISTS).

The ISATS has since its establishment had Six Commandants and Seven Commanding Officers.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Retired, Mr. Acquah-Adubah was the first Commandant of ISATS. He was succeeded by Major (Rtd.) M.K. Agordekpe who handed over to Comptroller of Immigration (COI) Isaac Oklu Luortey. COI Isaac Oklu Luortey is the first immigration career Officer to have headed the ISATS. He handed over to COI Justice Amevor who was succeeded by Chief Superintendent of Immigration (CSI) Experience K. Blewuada. CSI Alex Adu is the current Commandant of the ISATS.

Assistant Director of Immigration (ADI) Alfred Wuddah was the first Commanding Officer of the Immigration Service Training School (ISTS). Deputy Superintendent of Immigration (DSI) Felix Sarpong took over from him and was succeeded by DSI Fred Doudu. Major (Rtd.) Matthew K. Oppong, Assistant Comptroller of Immigration (ACOI) Justice Amevor and CSI Felix Agyeman-Bosompem took turns to head ISTS in that order. Supt. Kwabena Addai Koduah is the current Commanding Officer.

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