Ethiopian Airlines Ghana, Prices, Flight Schedules, and How to Book Online

By | February 17, 2022
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Do you want to fly to your favorite international destination at a very affordable price? Then look no further than the Ethiopian Airlines Ghana. In this article today, we would be discussing how to book Ethiopian Airlines online, the cost of the flight, and also the flight schedules.

With Ethiopian Airlines, you can book your flight online from your comfort zone. It also gives the best offers and you will also enjoy the African flavor hospitality while on the flight.

It is very easy to book a flight online with the Ethiopian Airline Ghana. Below are some easy to comprehend steps to assist you to book the Ethiopian Airline Ghana online. Just relax, take a chilled drink and follow the procedures and you won’t ever regret it. Enjoy your reading!

How to book the Ethiopian Airline Ghana Online

  1. Visit the Ethiopian Airline website
  2. Select the type of flight, that is either one way, round trip or multi-destination
  3. Select your city of departure and also city of arrival
  4. Similarly, select your dates of travel
  5. Also, select the number of passengers
  6. Then you click on the search button
  7. Among the flights offered, select the flight that best suits you
  8. You then enter the details of each passenger
  9. Finally, you proceed to the payment section and make payments for your ticket

Ethiopian Airline Prices

The price of the airline varies depending on the destination you are to fly and the type of flight you book.

  • Accra to Dubia – $644
  • Accra to Addis Ababa – $1,163
  • Accra to London – $844
  • Accra to Johannesburg – $503
  • Accra to Dar es Salaam – $646
  • Accra to Lagos – $1,085
  • Accra to Cape Town – $589
  • Accra to Moscow – $7,632
  • Accra to Abijan – $717
  • Accra to Amsterdam – $1,830
  • Accra to Paris – $640
  • Accra to Newark – $3,203
  • Accra to Freetown – $1,045
  • Accra to Sao Paulo – $1,005
  • Accra to Istanbul – $679

Flight Schedules

DateType of tripDepartureDestination
Thur. March 24th 2022One wayAddis AbabaAccra
Sat. Feb. 26th to Sat. March 5th 2022Round tripAddis AbabaAccra
Sat. July 30th to Sat. Aug. 6th 2022Round tripAddis AbabaAccra
Fri. March 18th 2022One wayAddis AbabaAccra

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