DVLA Ghana: Short Code To Check Vehicle Registration

By | February 15, 2022
How To Apply And Get A New Driving License Online In Ghana

Are you a driver in Ghana and wish to know the shortcode used in checking your DVLA vehicle registration? If yes worry no more as this article is all about the shortcode to check vehicle registration by DVLA Ghana.

About DVLA Ghana

DVLA Ghana is the short form of driver and vehicle license authority in Ghana. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) is an agency of the Ministry of Transport in Ghana. It was established in 1999 by an Act of Parliament (Act 569), 1999. DVLA came to replace the Vehicle Examination and Licensing Division (VELD). The main functions of drivers and vehicle licenses are to register motor vehicles and drivers, as well as issue driving licenses, vehicle registration certificates, insurance documents, etc.

DVLA was weaned off government subvention in March 2016 and it’s important to note that the process of getting a new license or renewing an old one can be quite lengthy. But you are able to do it yourself without having to go through long lines and wait at various offices.

In making their jobs very simple and easy they introduced a shortcode that all drivers can use with their smartphones to save them time and money.

Short Code To Check Vehicle Registration

Below is the shortcode to check your vehicle registration;


Steps in checking your vehicle registration;

  • Dial *920*57#
  • A Menu will pop up to Welcome you to NIC MID USSD Service. Then enter the numbers on your car plate
  • After entering the numbers you will be prompt if your car is insured or not. Read through and see if every information provided is correct if not you can go to the office to make the necessary changes.

Stakeholders of DVLA Ghana

Below are the stakeholders of DVLA Ghana;

  • Motor Transport and Traffic Department (MTTD) of Ghana Police Service
  • Transport Associations
  • National Road Safety Commission
  • Ghana National Insurance Commission
  • Ghana Automobile Distribution Association
  • Government Technical Training Centre
  • National Drivers Academy, the Judiciary and the Motoring Public

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