Top 100 Unique Ewe Names And Meanings For Boys And Girls

By | October 7, 2022
Top 100 Unique Ewe Names And Meanings For Boys And Girls

Ewe Names And Meanings. Ewe names are beautiful and special identities given to people from the Volta Region of Ghana. This article is about Ewe names and their meanings, ewe names for baby boys and girls, list of ewe surnames. We should also note that most Ewe names are unisex.

The traditions and naming systems of this tribe are a number of the foremost exciting parts of their culture. Ewe names for baby boys and girls aren’t only sweet-sounding, but they’re also adorable.

Before the arrival of these Europeans with Christianity in the 18th century, the Ewes knew God (who they called Mawu sogbolisa, Mawu kitikata, Mawu adanuwotor, etc.)

Ewe names for baby boy and meaning

Top 100 Unique Ewe Names And Meanings For Boys And Girls

Giving birth to a healthy baby boy involves celebration for many. If you’re trying to find unique and meaningful names for your baby, then you’ve got a range of funny Ewe names and meanings here on

Male Ewe NameMeaning
AtsuOlder Male Born
AgbenyoLife is good
AgbesiIn Life’s Hands
AmenyoHuman is good
AgbemafleLife can’t be bought
ZanetorMay the darkness end
YingorGo Higher
SenanuDestiny Gives
SenyoGood Destiny
MawuliThere is God
KwamiSaturday Born
KofiFriday Born
NuyantiTree of knowledge
MawulikemGod has strengthened me
KokuWednesday Born
Komla/KoblaTuesday Born
KodzoMonday Born
KosiSunday born
FiaviKing’s son
EdemHe has saved me
EdzornaIt happens
EdudziHe has won
EtseYounger Twin
FoliFirst Son

Female Ewe Names & Meaning

Giving birth to a healthy baby girl involves celebration for many. If you’re trying to find unique and meaningful names for your girl, then you’ve got a range of funny Ewe names and meanings here on

Female Ewe NameMeaning
AkosuaSunday born
AdzoMonday born
AbraTuesday born
AkuWednesday born
AfiFriday born
AmaSaturday born
AtsufuiTwin girl
AkpeneThank God
AmewusikaHuman is worth more than Gold
BubuneRespect to Him(God)
DelaliThere’s a helper
DelademI have been helped
DelasiThe helper had heard
EnamHe(God) gave to me
EtornamHe answered me
EdinamHe granted me luck
EseHe has heard
ElinamHe is there for me
ExornamHe has saved me
EwoenamHe has done it for me
EyramHe has blessed me
EdzordzimanIt made me happy
ElormHe loves me
FafaliThere is peace and calm
KafuiPraise God
KekeliThere is brightness
LololiThere is love
MawutorGod’s own
MawusinuWaiting on God
MawusiGod’s hand
MawufemorGod’s way
MawuenaGod gives
MansaThird girl child
SeyramDestiny has blessed me
SefakorDestiny has given me peace
SelormDestiny loves me
SelasieGod hears
SelikemDestiny has held me firm
XorlaliRedeemer Lives
Xeta /EdoBorn after twins
YawaThursday born
ZanetorMy the darkness end

Below are some ewe tribe names and their meaning is given to ewe borns in Africa;

Afefa — Peaceful/Calm house

Afeke — Root of the house

Afelete — Established home

Afetsi — Home pillar

Agbe — Life

Agbeko — If only there is life

Agbemabiase — Life can’t question destiny

Agbemafle — Life can’t be bought/life is priceless

Agbenyefia — Life is King

Agbenyega — Life is the greatest

Agbenyo — Life is good

Agbesi — In the hands of life

Akorfa — Comfort/Peaceful heart

Akorfala — Consoler/Comforter

Akpe — Thanks

Akpenamawu — Thank God

Akpene — Thank Thee

Amenyo — Human is good

Ametefe — Replacement (a son whose father died before his birth)

Amewu/Amewuga — Human is more precious than money

Asiwome — In Thy hands

Aseye — Praises

Awoe — He (God) will do it

Blewu — Patient/Slow

Bubune — Honor unto Him (God)

Butsorme — Think of tomorrow

Butsormekpor — Think of tomorrow and see

Dela — Saviour/Redeemer

Deladem — The Saviour has redeemed me

Delali — The Saviour lives

Delanya — The Saviour knows

Delanyo – The Saviour is good

Delasi — In the Saviour’s hands/the Saviour has heard

Desiadenyo — All is good

Dodzi — FortitudeDogbeda — Pray

Domenyo — Kindness
Dzidedi — Comfort
Dzidudu — Dzidula
Dzidula — Conqueror
Dzidzeme — Peaceful heart
Dzidzor — Joy/Happiness
Dzidzorm — Dzidzorm
Dziedzorm — Glad I am
Dzifa — Comfort/Peace at heart
Dzigbordi — Patience
Dzordzoe — Righteous/Just
Dzorgbenyui — Good luck

Edem — He (God) has saved/delivered me
Edemi — He (God) has saved/delivered us
Edudzi — He (God) has vanquished
Edotom — He (God) has heeded me
Edotomi — He (God) has heard us
Edemi — He (God) has saved/delivered us
Edrorlali — The judge lives
Edinam — Am lucky
Edinami — We are lucky
Edzordzi — It makes happinness
Edzordzinam — It made me happy
Edzordzinami — It made us happy
Edzordzinawo — It made them happy
Efakor/Efakornam — He (God) has made comforted me
Egavakpor — Not sure if will stay (born after lost babies/chn)
Ehenyuive — Has brought joy/Bringer of joy
Ekplorm — He (God) leads me
Eleagbe — He (God) is alive
Eli — He (God) lives
Elinam — He (God) lives for me
Elinami — He (god) lives for us
Elivava — He (God) truly live
Elikplim — He (God) is with me
Elikplimi — He (God) is with us
Elike — Rooted in solid ground/well established
Elikem — He (God) has established/fortified me
Elikemi — He (God) has established/fortified us
Elemawusi — It is in the hands of God
Elolo — He (God) is great
Etriakor — He (God) is mighty
Elorm — He (God) loves me
Elormi — He (God) loves us
Emefa — It is calm
Ena — He (God) has given
Enam — He (God) gives me
Enami — He (God) gives us
Enya — He (God) knows
Enyam — He (God) knows me
Enyami — He (God) knows us
Enyo — He (God) is good
Enyonam — He (God) is good for me
Ese — He (God) hears
Esenam — He (God) has listened to me
Esene — He (God) listens
Eselali — The Hearer (God) lives
Eselase (or Eselasi) — The Hearer (God) has heard it
Esinu — Waiting upon the Lord (Him)
Etor — It belongs to Him (God); He has answered
Etornam — He (God) has answered me
Etornami — He (God) has answered us
Etorna — He (God) listens
Eyra — He (God) blesses
Eyram — He (God) blessed me/Am blessed
Eyrami — He (God) blesses us/We are blessed
Eyrae — He (God) has blessed him/her
Ewoe — He (God) has done it
Ewoenam — He (God) has done it for me
Ewoenami — He (God) has done it for us
Exornam — He (God) has saved/rescued me

Fafa — Peace/Calmness
Fafali — There is peace/calmness
Fiavi — Prince/Princess
Foli — First son

Gameli — There is time
Ganyo — Money is good
Galevo — Money is different
Ganyebusu — Money is evil
Gayra — Bless again
Gayram — Bless me again
Gayrami — Bless us again

Ewe names for baby girl and meaning

Check out some of the beautiful Ewe names for baby girl and meaning;

Kafui — Praise Him (God)
Kekeli — Light/Brightness
Kekle — Light/Brightness
Kle — Shine/Brighten
Klenam — Shine for me
Klenami — Shine for us
Kplom — Lead me
Kplorla — Shepherd/Leader

Lebenam – Take good care of me
Lebene — Take good care of him/her
Lorm — Adore/Love me
Lolornyo — It is good to love
Lolor — Love
Lorne — Agree for him/her

Mawuenyega — God is great
Mawufemor — God’s way
Mawuli — God lives
Mawuko — Only God/Except God
Mawunyo — God is good
Mawusi — In God’s hands
Mawuli — God lives
Mawulinam — God lives for me
Mawulorm — God loves me
Mawuena — It’s God who gave
Mawuenam — It’s God who gave me
Mawunya — God knows/God’s word
Mawulikplim — God is with me
Mawulikplimi — God is with us
Mawuenyega — God is greatest
Mawuse — God hears
Mawulolo — God is great
Mawutor — Belongs to God
Mawueyram — It’s God who blessed me
Mawuworge — God will do it
Mawuwoe — God has done it
Makafui — I will praise Him (God)
Mazinkpi — I’ll be silent
Morkporkpor — Hope

Namilkem — Establish/Fortify me
Nuna — Gift
Nunana — Gift/Talent
Nunya — Knowledge/Wisdom
Nunyati — Tree of wisdom/knowledge
Nukunu/Nkunu — Miracle
Nyuitor — Best/Perfect

Se — Law/Destiny/Fate
Sedem — Destiny/Fate has saved/delivered me
Sedemi — Destiny/Fate has saved/delivered us
Sedinam — Destiny/Fate is my luck/has made me lucky
Sedotom — Destiny/Fate has listened to me
Sedufia — Destiny/Fate is crowned king
Sedudzi — Destiny/Fate has triumphed
Sefakor — Destiny/Fate has comforted me
Sefadzi — Destiny/Fate has given me solace
Seli — Destiny/Fate lives
Selinam — Destiny/Fate lives for me
Sena — Destiny/Fate Gives/has given
Senyega — Destiny is great
Seyram — Destiny/Fate has blessed me
Seyrami — Destiny/fate has blessed us
Selorm — Destiny/Fate loves me
Sesi/Seshi — In the hands of destiny/fate
Sese — Destiny/fate hears
Senam — Destiny gives me/Destiny’s gift to me
Senya — Destiny Knows
Selasie/Selase — The hearer/God has heard
Senyo — Destiny/Fate is good
Sedotom — Destiny/Fate has listened to me
Setor — Belongs to destiny/Destiny has answered
Suboe — Worship him
Sitso/Sitsofe — Salvation

Tsodzine — Give Him your heart
Tsoenamawu — Give it to God
Tsoeke — Forgive
Tsoekewo — Forgive them

Vadem — Come and save me
Valikem – Come and establish me
Vayram — Come and bless me
Vormawu — Fear God

Woedem — You (God) have saved me
Woelorm — You (God) have loved me
Worlasi — In the hands of the maker
Worlawoe — The Lord has done it

Xoese — Believe

Xorlali — My Redeemer lives
Xorse — Faith
Xornam — Save me

Yra — Bless
Yram — Bless me
Yrami — Bless us
Yayra — Blessing
Yingor — Excel

list of ewe surnames

Below is a list of ewe surnames we have in Ghana.

– Adrah
– Adranyi
– Amedoamegboe
– Ametame
– Amevinya
– Banini
– Bedzo
– Dorbu
– Dugah
– Dunya
– Ekudeamenu
– Elegbadzadzi
– Fiadzo
– Fiagbor
– Fiamavle
– Fianu
– Fiawoyi
– Gadoglo
– Ganyo
– Gashika
– Gayome
– Gbekor
– Golomeke
– Hoenyame
– Hunexoe
– Kulewosi
– Kuzagbe – Kugbeyi
– Kumasseh
– Nunyani
– Nyamadi
– Nyonator
– Sakumadranyi
– Sedoame
– Sefoga
– Seshie
– Sosu
– Tamakloe
– Vivormadzigbe
– Xebidzi
– Xedzro
– Xoglimakadu

Days of the week and their ewe names

Ewe names given to a male or female relative to the day one was born. Check yours below;

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