List Of Asante Twi Proverb To Know

By | September 16, 2022
List Of Asante Twi Proverb To Know

There are different native languages in Ghana (about 40 – 50). The main ones we can talk about are Ga, Dagbani, Ewe, and Akan. The interesting part of Ghanaians is how they communicate using proverbs of which only the wise can mostly explain understanding. Proverbs have a wide range of uses and it shows that the user is wise and well-educated in the customs of the Akan people, in the early 80s young people (today’s youth) get this proverb through the teachings and advice of their grandparents through storytelling. In this article, we are going to go back into the ages and learn some Asante Twi proverbs and their meanings.

What is Asante Twi?

Twi is a principal language of the Akan tribe, there are different types (Asante Twi, Akuapem Twi, Fante, and the Bono) Asante Twi is mostly used by the people in the Asante kingdom and is currently one of the most commonly used languages in Ghana.

List Of Asante Twi Proverb To Know

Some commonly used Asante Twi proverbs you must know

  1. Ti koro nko agyina.

Means one person cannot hold discussion. In discussions one person cannot hold meeting. You need two or more people to help make right decisions. It is also an Adinkra symbol in the Asante kingdom 

  • Aboa bi beka wo a, na ofiri wo ntoma mu.

Meaning before an animal will bite you it is from your own cloth. In life the people who will harm you are the people close to you. This proverb advices us to be careful when dealing with our fellow human because man is wicked inside but humble outside.

  • Agoro beso a, efiri anopa

Meaning if a party or festival (an event) will be enjoyable, it starts from the cockcrow.

This proverb talks about starting point of the human life, if you’re a brought up properly during your childhood its shows in your decision making as an adult. In the same way the proverb illustrate how one can predict the future base on the situation at hand.

  • Okoto now anoma

Meaning a crab cannot give birth to a bird.

This is used to address the similarity between a child and his parents.

  • Obayansafo yebu no be, yennka no asem

Meaning the wise person speaks in proverbs not plain language.

This proverb literally means one has to learn from the past experience ofothers. In Akan this saying is used to advice people who are hast to make wealth and people who are lazy.

  • Obi nkyere akwadaa Nyame

Meaning nobody teaches a child GOD

This proverb talks about how technology has changed the world. Youth of this 20th century gets information easily compared to the olden days where you have to consult elders before you can get access to the information you want but now no one teaches a child what to do.

  • Boofre a eye de na abaa da ase

Meaning it is the papaya that is delicious that has a stick under it.

The world is glued to things that are good to the eye and good for food.

  • Praye , woyi baako a ebu nanso wokabomu a emmu

Meaning If you remove one broomstick it breaks but when you put them together the broom will not break.

There is a saying that unity is strength. The Akan proverb makes emphasis on the need for people to work in unity and in peace.

  • Yewo obi to esie so a, onkye tenten ye

Meaning if a person is born unto a mound, that person does not take long in life to grow tall

Early upper hands in life tend to persist. When one is born into family of wealth is likely to be wealthy than one born into poverty.

  1. Woforo dua pa ana yepia wo

Meaning it is when one risks climbing a good tree that get push by others

The community supports a good cause not bad and lazy one.

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