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By | April 5, 2022

Holy Child School, also known as ‘HOLICO’,, is an all-girls boarding second-cycle institution in Cape Coast in the Central Region of Ghana.

The school has achieved numerous accolades in the past. In 2003, the school was ranked among the best 10 schools in Africa, producing the best overall female student in the 2003 Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations (SSSCE).

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Bishop Porter of the Gold Coast Colony Vicariate had requested that Rev. Mother General construct a Secondary School for females in his Vicariate in 1934, but the foundation was not fully debated or accepted until World War II, between 1939 and 1945. His Lordship Bishop William Porter formally blessed and placed the foundation stone of Holy Child (the combined Catholic Teacher-Training College and Secondary School for girls) on August 12, 1945. The Commissioner was overjoyed that providing education for girls will be one of the post-war undertakings. The school was founded by the Society of the Holy Child Jesus (SHCJ) in 1946 to provide education to Catholics within the region.

The lower school building, the convent, three dormitory blocks, two dining rooms, a water tower, and two bungalows were completed by March 5, 1946, and the college welcomed 120 students.

His Majesty Parents were encouraged to send their daughters to Holy Child College by William Porter. As a result, by 1955, the number of students had doubled, necessitating the relocation of the Training College Department to Takoradi. Holy Child School, which had 50 students when it first opened, currently has 700, while Holy Child College has 400.

The institution offered both academic and vocational programs. Prior to 1955, students attended St. Augustine’s College for their sixth-form education until the school was able to secure teachers to teach sixth-form subjects. Holy Child College and School has produced, and continues to produce, outstanding students.

Uniform Meaning

The uniform of the school is yellow shirt and brown skirt to align with the colors of the school. Their colors symbolizes principles of freedom and trust.  AppreciatING the meaning behind the colors of such schools and what they stand for goes a long way to show how much a student is in love with the school .


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