Ghana Police Service Medical Examination Date

By | September 9, 2022
Ghana Police Service

What’s involved in the medical and fitness tests? The fitness test is designed to assess whether you’ve got the stamina needed to be a police officer, not an Olympic athlete.

It involves a multi-stage shuttle run, also known as the ‘bleep test’, which is a physical test of your aerobic capacity (stamina). It involves running between two points that are 15 meters apart (a “shuttle”). The pace of each shuttle is synchronized with a pre-recorded audio tape that bleeps at set intervals – and speeds up during the test.

Some people worry about not being fit enough to pass the test but, as long as you’re reasonably fit and have prepared enough in advance, you should be fine.

The medical test varies by force but normally involves: 

  • Checking your height, weight and Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • A musculoskeletal assessment
  • Blood pressure check / urinalysis
  • Spirometry (Lung capacity test)
  • Hearing and eyesight checks

Most forces also require a completed health questionnaire signed by your GP, covering your current and past physical and mental health history.

Preparing for the fitness test

The ‘bleep test’ takes 3 minutes and 35 seconds and is made up of 35, 15 metre shuttles between two points.

Your running speed will start at 7.9kph and will increase to 9.9kph. The idea is to reach the other side before the next bleep. 

It can be challenging – after all, police officers need to be fit to do their job well. However, with the right preparation, you’ll be giving yourself the best chance to pass.

If a disability or medical condition makes it difficult to complete the standard fitness test, some forces offer an alternative test, where candidates can walk or run on a treadmill, with the gradient increasing over time. If this applies to you, we’d recommend getting in touch with your preferred force to discuss what alternatives they can offer. 

You can also check if they offer specific female and male-only fitness tests.

Ghana Police Service Medical Examination Date 2022

The Ghana Police Service (GPS) wishes to inform the general public especially applicants that applied for Ghana Police Service Recruitment 2022/2023, that the list of shortlisted candidates for the Ghana Police Service medical examination exercise has been released online.

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