Cocoa Research Institute Of Ghana

By | August 29, 2022
Cocoa Research Institute Of Ghana

The Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana which is also called CRIG is an institution that is solely in the research of cocoa. Established in the year 1938 in the Eastern Region of Ghana, it has contributed to the many by-products that we get from cocoa since they worked effortlessly to ensure that we not only harvest the cocoa but also use it for something beneficial.

Cocoa can be used to make a lot of edible products ranging from chocolates to cocoa powder which we use for beverages and bread spreads.  Imagine Ghana being one of the largest countries producing cocoa and not getting anything better from the raw products but exporting it all. We would have incurred a loss in the cocoa industry but thanks to this research institute that keeps working so hard to find the various ways and means that cocoa can be reproduced as well as the best ways to keep the crops growing when climate change affects its growth.

It is under this institute that we have the COCOBOD and other monitoring cocoa bodies that work hand in hand to ensure that agriculture as a whole is in good shape. Since it deals with agriculture as a whole, not only do they deal with cocoa but shea nut, coffee, and cola.

The institute has helped in the monitoring of these cash crops and cannot be denied the thumbs up for all the efforts they put in their work to promote the agricultural aspect of Ghana.  They also grant tours for people who want to go there and have a look at some of the things they do and learn how to keep some of these cash crops in a way that would benefit them all.

Fortunately, they have also opened branches in some of the regions in Ghana to help keep an eye on the places that they cannot get access to in terms of long journeys.  Some of the institutions have been established in Greater Accra and in Ashanti Region.

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