Armed Forces Museum Ghana

By | August 29, 2022
Armed Forces Museum Ghana

The Armed Forces Museum is amongst the several historic sites in Ghana and it is furbished with intriguing military artifacts. Operational in 1953 at Kumasi, Ghana, the military history like all other military museums is not really preferred for visitation by most Ghanaians and foreigners.

The reason is not really known. However, the military museum in Ghana moves atop the ranks of the African sightseeing itinerary because of its beautiful setting and historical monuments. The Armed Forces Museum adds to the various historic sites for visitation in Kumasi.

Kumasi, a city in Ghana’s Ashanti Region may not be populous, busy, and popular as the country’s capital, but has a lot of overwhelming sightseeing itineraries worth trying.

A tour of the Armed Forces Museum can be one of the most exhausting and entertaining excursions for any visitor. More than just focusing on the history of the Asantes, the museum also focuses on national history, paying tribute to Ghana’s various military branches(army, navy, air force) and commemorating their efforts in World Wars, and also the humanitarian services they rendered both in Africa and the world as a whole.

Military history focuses on the history of the Ashantis and retells it like never before. It specializes particularly in the conflicts between the Ashanti and the British. It is no doubt that the Ashanti State was one of the few African states to successfully defeat the powerful colonizers though the victories recorded were always short-lived.

The museum is housed in a fort, built by the then British in 1896, and was a famous siege for the British. A prolonged assault was experienced by Ashantis and this torture was meted out by Brits from the south who had installed themselves in Fort Kumasi.

The reason for the assault was the refusal of the Ashanti to heed their petulant demand for the Golden Stool: the most symbolic item in the culture of this very proud people. The military museum houses a lot of iconic rooms with each coming with a fascinating story. The fort has a room known to have been a prison cell, bare with very dark holes.

The prison cell is recorded to have held Nana Yaa Asantewaa; the queen mother of Ejisu after her refusal to give out the golden stool and launching an attack on the fort, captive. At the time of her attacks, Lady Hogdson; a British contingent was locked up in the defense.

Yaa Asantewaa eventually lost to the Brits, held captive in a prison cell in the fort before she was moved to Seychelles. She however died in Seychelles. Also, The rest of the museum encapsulates engrossing venues. The military history holds a room that commemorates Ghana’s involvement in UN missions around Africa and the world.

Known for their enormous support, participation, and assistance to outside humanitarian missions, the Ghana military forces have been engaged in installing peace in war-torn regions like Rwanda and Yugoslavia. There are rooms therefore with interesting artifacts about war worth checking out.

The artefacts are on ranges of military uniforms, warfares, currencies of country’s that have seen Ghana military missions and photographs. If you are an enthusiast of historical monuments,you should certainly try the Armed Forces Museum.

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