Best remedial schools in Accra

By | July 12, 2022
Best remedial schools in Accra

Remedials is a program that educational institutions implement outside the school curriculum to enhance low-achieving students’ academic performance to the expected standards of their academic year. Students who have not achieved those expected standards may enroll in this learning and teaching program to catch up with their peers.

The most effective programs are taught by teachers who have special training. The institutions’ aim is to help students to learn in small-sized classes, consolidate their knowledge, compensate for what they lack, or to prepare them better for the following academic year. As an alternative to private tutoring, the program also aims to avoid failures and dropouts.

Students go to school and, in the meantime, attend those courses on weekdays after school or on the weekends. These courses provide an equal opportunity in education. The school success of the child has an effect not only on students but also on parents, teachers, and administrators because it will open doors to all education programs as education is like a triangle—consisting of parents, teachers, administrators, and students.

The curriculum of the remedial courses is the same curriculum taught in schools, so students go over the same school subjects. If they fall behind in the program at school, they learn it in advance in these courses and when the teacher starts the new unit, they come full of new ideas and knowledge of the new unit and understand it easily.

On the contrary, if they are further ahead of the program at school, they make revisions, fill in the missing parts, and consolidate the learning. Students understand better and learn in small-sized classes. In schools, it is difficult to develop a one-on-one relationship with teachers, as the classes are so crowded. As learning occurs with smaller numbers of students, understanding becomes easier and the relationship between the teacher and students becomes closer.

Thus, students feel free to ask questions and receive answers to their questions and feel contented and satisfied. They have the chance to grasp the information, to make revisions, and to consolidate what is learned. Furthermore, they can compensate for the knowledge they lack, learn better, and earn higher marks.

Some of the students are not afraid of earning low marks on exams, and as some said their exam anxiety was lower. But some students may not make a lot of progress in remedial programs. This could be a sign of a learning disability. Students with disabilities may need more specialized instruction to thrive in school.

Supreme International College

This is one of the best WASSCE remedial schools in Ghana established in 2012. It offers intermediary study levels, setting a core foundation for eventual tertiary/university students.
Its remedial program is exceptional in that the college has systematized a unique, intense, and result-oriented classroom program for students who failed to attain the minimum entry point for tertiary/university education in their WASSCE examinations.

Phone: +233 207518781, +233 245009627, +233 30541316, +233 246397453
Email address: [email protected] | [email protected]

His Majesty Academy

It is also one of the best remedial schools in Accra. His Majesty Academy is a private institution founded in 1998. It began functioning as a remedial center in 2000, and has prepared more than 15000 students for higher education, majority of whom passed WASSCE examination. Its WASSCE remedial classes are flexible. That is, both morning and evening sessions are available to choose from.

Phone: +233 244 277 107, 0302 30 33 57 Email address: [email protected]

Ascent Kollege

Ascent Kollege runs numerous programmes such as adult education, remedial programmes for both BECCE and senior high school, English proficiency courses and foreign programmes like SAT.
An exceptional component of its WASSCE remedial programme is the one on tuition. As a result, students have a full attention of their teachers. This is very important as student progress is monitored and any challenges they encounter in the course of their learning are easily corrected. The institution has well equipped teaching facilities providing an exclusive learning environment.

Phone: 0303971025 Email address: [email protected]

Dasein Practical School

The school was founded in 2006 and has boarding facilities for both male and female students. Its WASSCE remedial programme is organized in two sessions. That is morning and evening classes. Dasein Practical School has qualified teachers who strive to help students improve on their grades thus enabling them pursue careers of their choice in the university or tertiary institution. More so, the institution has academic and career councillors who offer guidance to students. The guidance help students make right career choices and decisions.

Phone: 0244 982 482 Email address: [email protected]

Stream Street College

Stream Street College is a Christian Organization, which upholds high moral standards and not only looks at the student’s academic progress but are also keen on their moral development. They put a lot of effort and pay attention to details, thus ensuring that their students achieve the desired results.
To ensure that learners excel in their WASSCE remedial examination, Stream Street College has a mandatory study session each week. Additionally, instructors are accessible outside the usual class sessions.

Phone: 0509 627 497 or 0244 039 363
Email address: [email protected]

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