2021 BECE Placement Latest Updates For CSSPS In Ghana 2022

By | March 27, 2022
How To Check Your CSSPS BECE School Placement 2021/2022 In Ghana

The BECE Placement Latest Updates For CSSPS in Ghana has every key details you need to know before proceeding to check for SHS placement, how to buy CSSPS checker voucher, how to do the BECE School Placement for SHS yourself and more.

The BECE is the public examination board that conducts nationwide placements tests of students for CSSPS into their choice of Senior High School in Ghana. The Basic Education Examination Certificate also serve as the primary qualification for admission into the various Senior High Schools and other technical schools in Ghana.

This article here shall walk you through the 2021 BECE Placement Latest Updates For CSSPS In Ghana 2022.

Some of the guides that shall be provided here will serve as help for you to do the BECE School placement into any SHS in Ghana.

Why Has The 2021 BECE School Placement Delayed?

The Ministry of Education (MoE) following a public outcry has given a reason for the delay in the release of the 2021/2022 BECE school Placement for SHS in Ghana. As the Ministry Of Education explains 2021 BECE school placement results release delay, we have more information to alert you about — from Latest Ghana.

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The results in recent years has been delaying, unlike the normal days it used to be rolled out in 45 days after the end of the examinations by candidates.

If you are curious to know about why the 2021 BECE School Placement into SHS has delayed, kindly note that the SHS 1 students will resume on the 4th of April 2022 as per the timetable released by GES. This has caused the delay of the release of the 2021 BECE School placement since Students and Parents have more months to prepare for school.

When Will The 2021 BECE Placement Be Out?

Many parents and students have been waiting for when the 2021 BECE School Placement into SHS will be out.

We had latest update published on the release of the 2021 BECE School Placement, of which numerous candidates placed while others are to do self placement and you can check this out.

Where Can I Check My BECE Placement For SHS?

After the release of the 2021 BECE School Placement into SHS, you can log unto the CSSPS portal and check for your School placement successfully at cssps.gov.gh

You may check out our complete guide on how to check your 2021 BECE School Placement into SHS in Ghana easily.

How To Get School Of Your Choice In 2021 BECE School Placement For SHS

Imagine you are getting the school of your choice for the 2021 BECE School Placement into SHS. Before this can happen, you would have to follow some of the simple guides given below.

  • Make sure you check your School Placement early
  • Make sure your results fall within the cut-off point for the selected school
  • Report to your placement school within the given time,
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How To Buy The BECE School Placement Checker Voucher Yourself

Candidates who wish to check their placement by themselves will have to first purchase the Placement checker through the dedicated vendors or through a mobile money.

We have the complete steps on how you can purchase the 2021 BECE School Placement checker voucher with your mobile money wallet.

Visit this useful link for How To Buy SHS School Placement Checker With Mobile Money

How To Check Your 2021 BECE School Placement For SHS

There has been numerous information on the internet about how to check your 2021 BECE School placement into SHS in Ghana. The 2021 BECE School placement is out and live, you can check your Senior High School being placed here.

Prospective candidates are required to obtain a school placement checker E-voucher from an approved vendor before they can proceed to check their school posting on Saturday, March 26, 2022, following the below method;

  1. Visit the official computer placement portal cssps.gov.gh
  2. Click on check placement
  3. Enter your Index number and add 21 as your year of completion (Eg. 122456709021)
  4. Enter your placement card details (serial number and pin)
  5. Click on submit and wait for a new window to display your placement.
  6. Print the form if you have been placed and visit the school to begin the admission process

We have compiled a full information how to check your 2021 BECE School Placement into SHS.

How To Do BECE School Placement For SHS

If you are part of those struggling to do the BECE School placement for your choice of Senior High School, you could easily do with the help of our prepared article about 2021 BECE School Placement Guidelines Into SHS 2022.

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Should you have any information about 2021 BECE School placement or would like to seek for any information, kindly drop in the comment box.

You may report any challenges about your SHS school placement to WAEC Ghana for more clarifications.

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