How To Register For Free CPD Points And Online Training On NTC E-Learning Portal For Teachers

By | June 7, 2022
How To Register For Free CPD Points And Online Training On NTC E-Learning Portal For Teachers

Learning about how to register for the free CPD Points and online training on NTC E-Learning Portal for all teachers available in Ghana.

Today on this information portal, we will educate you more on the best way to register for the free CPD points and online training on NTC E-Learning portal for all teachers available in Ghana.

Free CPD points and certificates online training on NTC E-Learning portal for all teachers available across the nation.

  • Teaching in a Digital Age
  • Mobile Learning with Multimedia
  • Cybersecurity Training for Teachers
  • Professional Development for Teachers (CPD Guidelines policy)

This is a complete guide on How To Register For Free CPD Points And Online Training On NTC E-Learning Portal For Teachers.

How To Login To NTC E-Learning Portal

To login to the NTC E-Learning portal, you should follow the easier guide we are going to provide you with.


  1. Mobile Learning with Multimedia

The Mobile Learning with Multimedia course introduces participants to the use of technology tools that are readily available to them to develop curriculum-relevant and pedagogically sound educational podcasts that are broadcast ready and easily accessible in low connectivity settings. In many countries where schooling has been disrupted due to COVID-19, educators are seeking innovative ways to create quality learning opportunities for distance education and teacher professional development.

Participants will learn how to use audio and multimedia tools to develop micro learning lessons as Open Educational Resources for delivery on radio, dial-in access, among other low bandwidth options for last mile mobile learning.


This is a two hour module designed to orient you on the nature of teacher professional development (TPD) in Ghana. This course shall help you to appreciate how teacher professional development is conceptualised in Ghana.

3. The Cybersecurity Training for Teachers (CTT)

The Cybersecurity Training for Teachers (CTT) course is designed to provide teachers with the knowledge they need to protect themselves and their students online, as well as create awareness for the parents and carers.

The course targets secondary and primary school teachers as well as teacher educators and will run over four weeks. It will require up to five hours of time each week. Participants will learn from articles, case studies, videos, as well as discussions with fellow learners and mentors.

  1. ‘Teaching in a Digital Age’ (TDA)

Upon completion of this course, you are expected to be able to:

Understand the nature of the knowledge that results in different approaches to teaching
Understand the changing demographics of learners in the digital age and design courses and learner support according to their needs
Apply the best strategies when teaching in a technology-rich environment
Use the most effective methods of teaching for blended and online classes
Make choices among all the available media, whether text, audio, video, computer, or social media, in order to benefit your students and the subject you teach
Maintain high quality in teaching in a rapidly changing learning environment while managing your workload
Explore the possibilities for teaching and learning using MOOCs, OER, open textbooks.

Consider the use of emerging technologies, wherever possibles of a course series to be offered by the National Teaching Council of Ghana, as part of the new Teacher Education and Enhancement Programme (TEEP) supported by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL).

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