Lionel Messi Quits Barcelona Football Club

By | August 5, 2021
Lionel Messi Quits Barcelona Football Club

In today’s Sports news, it has been confirmed that Lionel Messi quits the Barcelona Football Club in Spain — while the team’s fans are asking where the all time best soccer player is heading next to.

The Barcelona Football Club in today, discloses that — “Messi shall not be available to play at FC Barcelona”. In this, both parties regret deeply since the wishes of the player and the club will untimely not be fulfilled in Spain.

Though everything was on track and everything pointed towards the deal being completed in the next few hours, there is no assurance currently that Lionel Messi will be staying at Barcelona football Club anymore.

In La Liga’s information of an agreement with investment fund CVC to give the competition an economic injection looked to have Messi’s renewal terminated.

According to information from ‘Marca’, Joan Laporta and his directive met with the player’s representatives to analyse the situation on his renewal. Information revealed accordingly indicates that — the meeting ended up being a frustrating one and Messi currently looks to have a foot-and-a-half out the Camp Nou door.

In follow to the information disclosed, ‘RAC1’ highlighted that the Lionel Messi communicated directly to the club that, faced with the current situation both at a sporting and economic level and he would not be willing to sign a new contract with the football club. And it looks like Barca’s conundrum doesn’t have a solution.

The aforementioned ‘La Liga Impulso’ plan gave the club the economic means necessary to accommodate Messi without the need to carry out the multiple player departures that the club were working on. Taking a look into that, the Barcelona football club and Real Madrid football club both showed their open rejection of the said project for the same reason – the European Super League.

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‘The Independent’ highlights that Barcelona are being pressured to prepare legal action against this La Liga-CVC agreement, which could lead to the definitive goodbye of the controversial continental competition that Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus continue to defend to the death. Negotiations between La Liga and CVC highlight that he had a role as an almost ‘double agent’.

Currently, Laporta is already looking at how to communicate Messi’s departure. Due to this reason, Barcelona FC were displaced with the agreement reached by Javier Tebas’ institution and now everything points towards Messi staying at the Camp Nou being further away as compared previously.

For weeks everything has appeared to be going to plan, with the feeling that Messi’s renewal was about to be announced any time soon. However, FC Barcelona and football fans around the world have now been dealt with a huge shock – if there are no new developments, the Leo Messi will leave his boyhood club almost out of the blue.

Today, if Leo Messi’s departure is confirmed, the economic situation at FC Barcelona would change radically. All of the deals that they were working on and the economic juggling they were doing were all being carried out with the goal of making room for the exorbitant salary of their number 10. This will happen if Leo Messi has to leave the club, that would completely turn around the situation of a number of players in the first team.

It’s very interesting to see how numerous Barcelona fans are asking if Leo Messi is leaving Barcelona, and yes — Lionel Messi is leaving Barcelona Football Club.

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