KUHIS Files Appeal, Barekese Withdraws Protest, O. T. II Loses Case, Okomfo Anokye Wins Case: Update Of Day 2 Protests

By | July 4, 2022
List of 32 Schools That Have Qualified For Ashanti Inter School Boys Soccer Competition 2022

Please refresh after 5 minutes for update and latest cases as and when the decision is out.

Just in: Our Lady of Grace SHS loses Protest Case against Agric Nzema SHS after the committee ascertained a typo error committed by Agric Nzema. Agric Nzema shs therefore keeps their qualifying status but fined for their typo error while OLAG gets fined for losing the case.

Kumasi High School has lodged a fresh appeal against St. Jerome SHS following the earlier decision by the Disciplinary Committee which fined Kumasi High School for losing their case against the same school.

However Kumasi High School is unwilling to accept defeat and are convinced that they have solid grounds for appeal against St. Jerome. KUHIS has therefore paid the required amount and will appear before the Appeals Committee possibly tomorrow for a hearing.

KUHIS failed to qualify during the qualifying round, lodged a protest and still lost the protest. The school has now filed for appeal.

UPDATE OF PROTEST (Monday 4th July)

Case 1: Barekese SHS withdraw their protest against Fast Track Academy and Wesley High school, Bekwai on the grounds that the targeted players were later discovered not to have featured in the said game.

Barekese alerted the Committee over the weekend of their intention to withdraw and therefore the Committee finds that magnanimous and therefore didn’t fine Barekese SHS. Fast Track Academy therefore keeps their qualifying status.

Case 2: Osei Tutu II College fails to overturn results of Okomfo Anokye SHS as they lose out their protest. It turns out that a typo error from Okomfo Anokye precipitated the protest from Osei Tutu II College. Okomfo Anokye is fined 1000gh for their typo error.

The Disciplinary Committee of the Schools and Sports Federation of the Ashanti Region is currently sitting on 14 Protest Cases brought before it following the conclusion of the qualifying round last week.

The Committee is currently looking at the cases before it.

Here are update of the cases.

Case 1: Fomena T. I. Amass vs St. Michael’s SHS: Fomena Amass has won their protest against St. Michael’s SHS. Fomena Amass wins protest against St. Michaels shs. Loses 3 points and fined 700gh.

Case 2: Gyaama Pensan vs Agona SHTS

The plaintiff Gyaama Pensan unable to prove their case or convince the panel against Agona SHTS. Gyaama Pensan fined 700gh.

Case 3: St Joseph’s Seminary vs Bodomase SHTS

St. Joseph’s fails to prove their case against Bodomase on falsifying the identity of a player. St. Joseph’s is fined 500gh for losing their case and winning school Bodomase SHS is also fined 500gh for committing ticking a wrong player which eventually ended up as unused player. The ticked or tipped error resulted in the protest.

CASE 4: Jacobu vs Mankranso SHS

Jacobu Wins protest against Mankranso SHS.

Case 5 : Mankranso Vs Jacobu

Mankranso SHS looses their protest against Jacobu SHS. Jacobu cruising to victory here. Left with one more case for them.

Case 6: Konadu Yiadom SHS vs Jacobu SHTS. Looks like a another Jacobu victory. All allegations against Jacobu not fully proven

Case 7
Ghana Muslim Mission vs Mankranso
Verdict is based on a previous ruling against Mankranso by Jacobu shs.
Ghana Muslim Mission wins, play off against Jacobu on Wednesday 7am at the stadium. Jacobu SHTS fined 200.00 Gh

Case 8: Kumasi High School vs St Jerome

Case file:

Excessive number of players on general team sheet(31)
Unqualified 11 players

Players who have finished jhs for more than 2 years. St. Jerome represented by a professional Lawyer for the first time today
Protest by Kumasi high thrown out for failing to prove beyond every reasonable doubt and a fine of 500gh. St. Jerome is also fined 500gh for typo error.
St. Jerome vs Kumasi High
charge is failure to comply with COVID 19 directives.

Ruling: High school found guilty of violation of COVID 19 directives, and since they lost the game against St. Jerome, a fine of 700 GH awarded against them.

Cases to be sorted out on Monday 04/07/22
1.Barekese vs Fast Track

2.Barekese vs Wesley High SHS

3.OLAG SHS vs Agric Nzema SHS

4.OT (II) College,Tetrem vs OKOMFO ANOKYE SHS

St. Jerome vs Kumasi High
Case charge is failure to comply with COVID 19 directives. Case now opened.

KUHIS Files Appeal, Barekese Withdraws Protest, O. T. II Loses Case, Okomfo Anokye Wins Case: Update Of Day 2 Protests.

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