How to Get a Fully-funded Scholarship to Study in Germany

By | April 19, 2023
How to Get a Fully-funded Scholarship to Study in Germany

Applying for a Germany Scholarship to study abroad should not be something difficult anymore — since you can sit from the comfort of your room and apply for a scholarship to be selected easily.

A scholarship is when your tuition, accommodation, textbooks, feeding are taken care of by the university. And besides, you are given a monthly stipend.

“FREE TUITION” is different from SCHOLARSHIP. Free tuition university in Germany only takes care of your TUITION & ANYTHING RELATED TO STUDIES (textbooks etc.) But the student must take care of accommodation, feeding, and other living expenses. Your ambition to pursue studies on a free tuition basis in Germany starts with Obtaining admission to study in the German university and applying for your visa at the German embassy in Ghana.


So German free tuitions universities will require you to upload a

  • Copy of your passport
  • Academic certificates ( Bece, WASSCE, university, etc.)
  • CV
  • Transcripts
  • Motivation letter

The following requirement at the Embassy stage is what we call “BLOCK ACCOUNT REQUIREMENT.”

A master’s program is for two years. Two years is equivalent to 24 months. The student arriving in Germany to study will not pay for tuition and textbooks. But he will pay for feeding, accommodation, etc. Let’s make an estimate.


It’s estimated that the student might spend 400 euros monthly on feeding and accommodation. Multiply this figure by the number of months spent in the university:

24 x 400euro = 9600euros

So it means that for the two years of stay in the university for masters, the student will spend 9600euros. The German embassy will require that you pay this amount into a German account, and the account is blocked. ( THIS PAYMENT MUST BE MADE BEFORE THE STUDENT WILL BE GIVEN A STUDENT VISA TO GO TO GERMANY). Once you pay this amount, you will be given your student visa.

After paying this sum of money, the German embassy will grant you your visa. You then depart to Germany. When you arrive at the university, the university will pay you back this money monthly. It means they will give you 400euros monthly to take care of your accommodation and living expenses.

The block account requirement is to make sure THE STUDENT GOES TO STUDY WHEN GRANTED A GERMAN VISA.

Some people arrive in Germany, but they NEVER report to the university for studies.

This brings me to the end on the lecture on FREE TUITION IN GERMANY.

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