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Who Brought Cocoa To Ghana

Sir Willi am Brandford Griffith (Governor of the Gold Coast in 1880 and 1885), who deserved the credit. The Basel Missionaries also claimed to have experimented with cocoa beans in Ghana as noted in their diaries. Professor Akosua Larbi a historian said “Historically cocoa was initially brought into Ghana from Brazil by Rev. Haas. Between… Read More »

History Of Cocoa In Ghana 

Cocoa Life is a vibrant intervention that is also organic, responding to actual needs of community partners as well as the interests of government and our business. Ghana is the world’s second-largest cocoa-producing country (Côte d’Ivoire is the largest). Cocoa Life has been active in Ghana since 2008. Cocoa Life has been active in Ghana since… Read More »

Papaye Awudome Branch, Contacts And Phone Number

Papaye Fast Foods Limited was incorporated as a limited liability company on November 20, 1990, and began operations in June 1991. Papaye started with 12 employees in 1991 but now has 314. This has given job opportunities to both Ghanaians and foreigners. The company has a history in the fast-food industry that began in Ghana.… Read More »

Top 10 Popular Ghanaian Foods You Need To Give A Try

These are the top 10 popular foods you ought to give it a try in Ghana in 2021. Descending to the Western part of Africa, Ghana is one of the popular countries that has numerous natural resources and a place to enjoy healthy foods that are very nutritious. Despite Ghana being a country with numerous… Read More »

How To Make The Best Ghanaian Oxtail Pepper Soup 2021

The Ghanaian Oxtail Pepper Soup is one of the easiest recipe to make – that is packed full of flavours and with a total delicious.Ghana has numerous delicious foods, stews and soups that everyone can have a nicer taste of. Regions in Ghana so far has interesting and tasty stews and soups that everyone would… Read More »