Wode Maya Biography And Net Worth 2021

By | August 29, 2021
Wode Maya Biography

Wode Maya is a popular YouTube personality, vlogger, and aeronautical engineer. Wode was born on 8th November 1990 in Ahekofi, Ghana. He recently shared a photo of his mother who has just turned 60 and there is no information about his father and siblings.

Wode spent his early years in Ghana where he completed his basic and secondary education. He then received a scholarship to study Aeronautical Engineering at Shenyang Aerospace University, which is located in Liaoning Province, China. In 2012, Wode arrived in China for the first time with the initial intention of studying in the UK but was denied a visa due to fraud concerns.

Wode Maya confessed that being a member of a minority group in Indonesia forced him to become a social commentator when he was denied jobs because of his skin color. He joined YouTube on January 10, 2013, and began posting about his experiences in the country.

Wode Maya Net Worth

Wode Maya has an estimated net worth of $500,000. His source of income is from his Youtube channel as he is known as one of the richest YouTubers in Ghana. The vlogger/YouTuber Wode Maya shares his experiences in China on YouTube. He usually starts his videos with “AIYA MAYA, AIYA WODE MAYA”, which is northeastern Chinese dialect for “oh my god” in English. His content serves as a bridge between Africa and China.

Wode Maya Girlfriend

Wode Maya’s girlfriend is known as Miss Trudy and she is also a  YouTuber from Kenya. She vlogs about her country and travel experiences to all countries.

Wode Maya YouTube

Wode Maya who is popular on youtube has over 970,000 subscribers so far on his channel.

According to Wode Maya: “A lot of people that comment on my videos insult me, especially on Chinese social media because many Chinese people don’t want to be corrected.”

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