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By | June 22, 2022

Koforidua, also known as koftown, founded in 1875, is a city and capital of Eastern Region in the southern part of Ghana.

It is the administrative centre of the New-Juaben Municipal district, holding a state of one of the calmest cities of Ghana. Koforidua is situated to the north of the national capital, Accra, between 6°06′ N latitude and 0°16′ W longitude.

It is believed that Koforidua got its name from Kofi Ofori, who belonged to the Akan group and constructed a hut under a giant mahogany tree that was used by weary farmers to take a rest on their way to returning their houses from the farms.

The city is home to many businesses, with the exception of heavy duty industries, The city is home to intravenous infusion Ltd one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in Ghana and west Africa, a leading producer of injections and drips.

The tourist attractions of Koforidua are nationally recognized and the most important ones are the Waterfalls, Akosombo Dam, Obour Tabiri, Botanical Garden Aruba and The Beads Market.

Boti Falls

The twin waterfalls described as male and female is 250feet from the ground and will catch your attention. Even though you will have to descend 90 and over steps and over to get to the falls, tourists have had such a good time visiting the falls and have had to fight the temptation of overstaying the place.

The place is home to certain wonders of nature, such as the umbrella rock, a natural cave where ancients used to dwell and a palm tree with three heads. With all these in one location, Boti which is approximately a 20minutes drive on the Eastern side of Koforidua is one tourist attraction you can’t miss upon stepping foot in the city.

Akosombo Dam

Akosombo Dam, built in 1961-1965’s, located in the same area in Ghana and is one of the twelve most interesting dams in the world open to tourists.Akosombo dam was intended to provide electricity to the aluminum plants in the country for the economic development of Ghana since independence in 1957. Currently, the Akosombo dam energizes even neighboring countries – Togo and Benin. After visiting the dam, you can enjoy the amazing beauty of Ghana, and settled at the Volta, to assess the view from the windows directly on the dam.

Obour Tabiri

Botanical Garden Aburi

The mountain which houses a lot of Masts because of its strategic position is ‎781 feet into the sky. The disincentive to the top of the mountain is that it is a far journey by foot. The road is to the top of the mountain is in such a deplorable state that you will want to be careful driving up the mountain.The community on top of the mountain is cut off from the rest of the city. With a much more serene and rich atmosphere, you will be closer to the clouds but will be amazed at the originality of rural life up the mountain. If you happen to have the time, it is advisable to spend time climbing up on foot to enjoy the wonderful sight up the mountain.

Botanical Garden Aburi, opened in 1890, is located 32 kilometers north of the capital of Ghana. In this garden of 64.8 acres of growing one of the largest collections of tropical plants of Africa and other continents, including rare.The collection includes about 650 species of plants, of which the oldest species of flora cotton kapok tree, whose age – about 150 years, which grows in the wall of the building of government.Also in the garden is filled with trees planted Elizabeth II visited here in 1961, Ignatius corner Achampong in 1973, Aluseguna Obasandzhovim in 1979 and other famous persons. In the garden you can get acquainted with its inhabitants – the local birds and butterflies, of which there are many.

The Beads Market

The largest in West Africa and the only one of its kind in Ghana, you are going to be mesmerised by the sheer size of the market and the different types of beads and craft that are made out of beads. This is where all the makers of beads in the country gather every Thursday. The market is located at the Galloway Junction adjacent the centre for national arts and culture.

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