Technical Examination Unit Certificate

By | October 23, 2022
Technical Examination Unit Certificate

To forward the goal of localizing technical tests, the National Technical Examinations Committee (NTEC) was established. In order to begin training local examiners and TEU staff in 1972 in order to localize technical tests, the Ministry of Education obtained support from the British Overseas Development Agency (ODA). Four workshops or training sessions were organized between 1972 and 1975. For eight years there was a pause. Between 1984 and 1987, the second group of five-session training workshops took place.

Technical Examination Unit Certificate Activities

As previously mentioned, the Technical Examinations Unit is responsible for holding technical examinations in Ghana for the levels of Craft, Advanced Craft, Technician, and Diploma (DBS).

Therefore, the Unit administers the following tests and issues certificates:

  • Technical institutes’ last-ditch evaluation (both public and accredited private institutions).
  •  Exams for non-tertiary programs at polytechnic schools, such as the Diploma in Business Studies, Advanced Craft Programs, and Technician Programs (DBS).

About the Technical Examination Unit Certificate

The Technical Examinations Unit awards certificates in the following four grades:

  • Distinction
  • Credit
  • Pass
  • Fail.

When the required amount of components has been successfully completed, certificates are granted.


However, in most cases, students who have passed a few sections of earlier Exams are given credit for the number of success already attained.

For the Diploma in Public Service Accounting:

  • In the Part I test, candidates who fail more than two components must retake all of the components
  • Also, candidates who were recommended in just one component will need to retake that exam in Part I as well as the components in Part II.

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