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How To Claim SSNIT Benefit In Ghana 2022

Prior to the establishment of a Social Security Scheme in Ghana in 1965, private schemes had been established to develop for the urban wage-earners – a rudimentary system of material security. BENEFITS UNDER THE SSNIT SCHEME There are four (4) types of benefits under the SSNIT scheme that members can enjoy depending on which contingency… Read More »

How To Address A Letter To SSNIT Ghana 2021

It is a very good practice to always address your letters, memos and other official correspondence correctly. One needs to know the right format of addressing the person they want to reach. This is because it shows you as a professional or an individual who has respect for others and their work. This article provides… Read More »

SSNIT Laws Operating In Ghana 2021

In Ghana, every organization has its own set of laws and these laws governs the body of that organization which determines how their operations will run. In this article, we look at the laws of the SSNIT in Ghana. The Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) is a statutory public Trust charged under the… Read More »

List Of SSNIT Offices In Accra, Ghana 2021

The following are the list of SSNIT offices in Accra, Ghana with their contact numbers and location address. Visit SSNIT branches for your pension. The Accra Industrial Area branch The Legon Branch The Weija Branch The Achimota Branch The Trust Towers Branch THE ACCRA SOUTH AREA SSNIT OFFICE Under the Accra South Area also seems… Read More »

How To Calculate SSNIT Pension In Ghana 2021

In our today’s article guide, I shall educate you about how to calculate SSNIT Pension In Ghana for 2021 easily. What Is SSNIT Pension in Ghana? SSNIT pays only the monthly pension of the beneficiary and the Fund Managers who manage the Second Tier with the 5% contribution rates will pay the lump sum. You… Read More »

SSNIT Salary Structure In Ghana 2021

Our today’s article is going to talk about the SSNIT Salary Structure In Ghana 2021. What Is SSNIT in Ghana? The Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) is a statutory public Trust charged under the National Pensions Act, 2008 Act 766 with the administration of Ghana’s Basic National Social Security Scheme. Its mandate is… Read More »

SSNIT Workers Salary Structure In Ghana 2021

Today’s article has everything you may need to know about SSNIT Workers Salary Structure In Ghana for 2021. Workers of SSNIT are paid based on the time rate remuneration, the SSNIT workers salary structure is based on the Rate per hour monthly salary. SSNIT Worker in Ghana typically earns around 3000 GHS per month. This… Read More »

Borteyman SSNIT FLAT In Ghana 2021

The Borteyman SSNIT Flat has been one of the well arranged and beautiful flats in Accra so far, the flat is currently considered as one of the affordable housing projects by the government of Ghana. The flat is located at a suburb in Accra, namely, Borteyman. This is made of contemporary 1 & 2 bedroom… Read More »

How To Get A SSNIT Membership Number In Ghana

Getting a SSNIT number in Ghana is just like registering to become a member of SSNIT.And to do this, one must visit a nearby SSNIT office having either the National ID card, Driver’s license, Passport, National Health Insurance card, Birth certificate or the new Ghana card. The registrar will lead you through the process to… Read More »