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By | April 4, 2022

St. Peter’s Senior High School, or PERSCO, is a Roman Catholic boys’ senior high school in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The school is among the top schools in Ghana to always get a representation in the National Science and Maths Quiz.

St Peters Shs is famed for producing excellent students who come out as fine products of the school.

Below are some details you need to know about St Peters Shs to get conversant with its history and its standards.

The school has two large palm plantations; one at the entrance of the school and the other at the mid-eastern side of the school. Apart from being a free source of palm fruits used to feed the student body, the plantation at the entrance also serves as a place where students receive and entertain their visitors.

Another side attraction in the school are two crocodiles, which are key elements in the component of the institution. The crocodiles are almost like the school’s mascots, and they also serve as a tourist attraction for many first-time visitors; most tourists come to the school to see the crocodile enclosure before doing any other business. The school’s wildlife club is in charge of the crocodiles’ well-being.


A group contacted Fr. Cletus Hodapp of the Society of the Divine Word Missionaries (SVD) with a proposal to construct a school in Nkwatia in 1956, and he agreed. The intention to start the school was made after a meeting between the then Nkwatiahene, Nana Asante Yiadom III, and his elders, as well as Bishop Joseph Bowers of Accra. The current location was given by the people of Nkwatia on January 10, 1990. Mr. Onwona Farkye’s house hosted the first class on February 5, 1957, with 36 students and two teachers, Mr. Agyare teaching science and Fr Hotze teaching art.

In 1960, the Nkwatia people assisted in the construction of the first scientific block, which was followed by the SVD house, offices, and dining hall. The West African Examination Council gave the institution permission to offer scientific candidates in September of that year.
In June 1961, the first speech and prize-giving day was conducted, the same year that the first batch of 15 fifth-year students graduated.

Uniform Meaning

The students of St Peters Shs adorn their blue shirts which can be witnessed in almost all the blocks in the school. The color the school identifies with is blue and yellow. Blue represents the sky and many natural things are blue. The color blue is very pleasing to the eye even in bright light.

Uniform Samples

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